Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sippin' Sweet Tea 10-27-13

Hey y'all!! Another segment of Sippin' Sweet Tea! October is coming to an end, dear friends, as we move on to November. It's not all bad!!! It means winter is coming, Thanksgiving, my birthday month!!!! I mean, it can't get any better than that!!! Not much has been going on with my life since my last SST.

I have been busy with school, and trying to find some more things to blog about. I want to personally thank Natalie from Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens for being the first person to do my tag!!!

Although it's been a month like any month, this one was a bit special. My best friend and I got to Skype!!! We haven't seen each other since July at fair week. We texted a bit and called once. We tried to Skype earlier, but it was a failure, for we could not find each other, until BAM!!! It worked. I guarantee you that we Skype for like and hour and a half. Maybe more!!! It was so much fun!!!

Hm. Is there anything else? I'm not sure. I AM though thinking of hosting a blog party in December. It all depends on how many people are interested in entering.

The TLC show "Secret Princes" is back on!! Woot woot! It's a show where men from royal families or with any kind of title go "undercover" to live a normal life for a while in America. They act like normal guys, but really, they are looking for love. A woman who will love them for them, not their money or their title. I was so excited when it came back on. I've watched season two and now season three is on.

The PBR World Finals have been on!!! Sqqquueeeppp!!!! I am so excited. (Turns on announcer voice) Will J.B. Mauney take home the title or will it be Silvano Alves? (Turns off voice) Anyways, the season is over. Sniff. Luke Snyder is retiring. OKAY THAT DOES IT!!! (Turns away and cries a river of tears for an hour) Brendan Clark and Cord McCoy are also retiring. I love them, but Luke.......(blows nose on a handkerchief) I am so sad. I don't have Luke to yell and cheer for. I can't scream at the TV anymore when he doesn't make eight seconds. I will miss you Luke. I knew you so well from TV, I could identify you from behind or from the side, even when your hat was covering most of your face. I shall miss you.. There will never be anyone to take your place. DO YOU HEAR THAT EVERYONE???? NO ONE!!!!!  :'(

Well, that's just about all to say. Oh, yes, we went and got pumpkins!!! Take a look at the pictures!!! All pictures below are taken by me.

I love fences!! Can't help it!!

Pine Trees (We have a fake one, but I just needed a picture!)
Tiny Pumpkins!!!

Ignore the "Don't Touch" sign, it's a TYPEWRITER!!!

Some random photo's of jewelry and a tea cups and some more things....

And to end this post on a lovely note, some more sky photography.....

Au Revoir!!!!


  1. Aww, thanks so much!!
    You must live in a really lovely place as I see in your photos! I love the 4th to last and 3rd to last ones!

  2. Well, I guess you could call it lovely. The sky is the only "lovely" thing about where I live. Besides our house, I mean. :)

  3. I love the 5th one to the top.


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