Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey Everyone! Fan-Fiction Announcement!!!

Okay, as all my readers know, I have been working on a fan-fiction about Joly, one of the underrated barricade boys from Les Misérables. Now, the ending is currently in the works. But, something as come up. Another fan-fiction. Yes, that right. Sydney Summers from her blog "Ramblings Of A Les Misérables Fanatic", has started a Combeferre Fan-Fiction. It's a bit of a shipping story (Combeferre/Azelma). I loved reading them and was always waiting for the next part to come out with anticipation. But, sadly, due to her busy schedule, Sydney has not been able to finish it. Now, I had given her a few ideas about ending the story, before, and just a few days ago she came to comment on one of my pins. I asked her if I could finish the story, and she accepted. So, a big thank you to you, Sydney!!! Hopefully, it should be out by this Friday. I'm giving myself a deadline so I must finish it!!! I am determined!!! I hope y'all enjoy it!!!

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