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Writings On The White Fence: The Silver Slipper: The Deeds

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Okay, so I have been in a severe writers block for I think, maybe a month or so. I haven't been able to add one little word to The Last Dance or any of my books. So, I came up with a children's story. Here's what I got so far; This is part of the book that will pretty much explain everything: P.S. There are two pictures of "titles" like covers for my book. Tell Me Which one You Like Best. Yes, they are quite a bit alike, but there are small little changes to each.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess fairy. She had hair like the golden sun, eyes bluer than the bluest waters and the grace of a true princess. She always wore a pristine white dress along with beautiful silver gemmed slippers. She was the most beautiful in the family. Lena was her name. Lena had been born to a father who was a sorcerer and a mother who was an enchantress. They had another daughter 

who was named Whitney. Whitney was older than Lena, but her hair was a plain pale blonde, and her eyes didn't shine or sparkle like her younger sister's. Children in the village loved Lena. She played with them, read them stories in the town square and took them on adventures. Whitney grew extremely jealous of her sister. What did every like so much about her younger sister? Whitney went to a witch for advice. The witch made her a special vial filled with a green poison, and told her to give it to Lena. The poison would make Lena severely sick as soon as she would drink it. 
The next day, Whitney poured the poison into her sister's cup as Lena read to the children. One young girl innocently took a sip of Lena's drink and fell ill. Lena, being a princess fairy, knows the only antidote is the crystal water rose. The crystal water rose was a rose that had never been able to be found. Everyone knew it was under the Sapphire Falls, which the most majestic falls in all of Glenson. But it was deep under the water of the waterfalls, and no one could get to it. The crystal water rose was a white rose with crystal dew drops that could be mixed in with a special water tonic. It had the power to heal a sick person. Lena jumped in, and searched and searched. She was running out of time and hope, when she saw the crystal water rose glowing. With a strong tug, Lena pulled it out of the water, making sure to leave a root for another crystal water rose to grow. It healed the little girl and Lena was award a hero. The baker had seen Whitney pour the poison in, and she was banished from Glenson to the Land of Wandering. Before she left, Whitney vowed revenge on her sister Lena. There, Whitney went to the witch who was now dying. The witch left Whitney all of her powers and her hut, which contained spells and dark magic. Whitney became a powerful witch. About a year later, on Lena's sixteen birthday Whitney dressed as an old beggar women. She spotted a crystal tear-drop necklace around Lena's neck. Her younger sister had received it for her sixteenth birthday, and it was a magic crystal that kept her alive. Whitney found Lena alone in the woods and snatched the necklace away. She then threw it against the rock, and it shattered into a thousand pieces. The princess fairy fell to her knees and soon she could hardly even move. Whitney threw every piece of Lena's necklace into the river. 
Later that night, villagers found Lena and told her parents. Before her parents could arrive, a man found Lena. She told him to take her slipper and put it on the small pedestal in the town square. She told him, only the truest girl with a heart of love would be able to take the slipper off. Once the slipper is pulled off, Lena will be released from her spell. Either that, her every single piece of her necklace had to be put back together. Lena's mother arrived and gently formed a giant water bubble around her daughter, as they laid Lena's body in the waterfall. From that day on, the princess fairy was buried under the water fall, and has remained there for two years. Countless people have tried to take the slipper off the pedestal, but no one could ever remove it. The mystery today still surrounds our fair kingdom." Grandfather finished his story. His young granddaughter, Lina smiled and whispered, "Thank you Grandfather for telling me the story again." 
"Your welcome. Now go to sleep." Grandfather kissed her forehead. Before he could walk out, Lina asked, "How do you know this story, grandfather?" 
"Well, Lina, you might not believe me, but I, your old wrinkly grandfather, was that man. I saw young, beautiful Lena in her final living state. I was the man who placed her silver slipper on the pedestal in the town square." 
"Really? Grandfather, do fairies get old and wrinkly like you?" Lina asked. 
"Oh, no. Only bad witches and evil sorcerers do. Beautiful good princess fairies like Lena stay young and beautiful forever. Until they die, of course."
"Where do they go when they die?" 
"To Heaven, to be with God, of course. Just like your mother and father. Your older brother, too. Now, you have asked, far too many questions. You need to go to sleep." Grandfather tickled Lina's sides. "Grandmother, will scold me. Good night Lina." 
"Good night, Grandfather." Lina's eyelids slowly fell. 

Lena. A beautiful princess fairy who has fallen under a curse. Now, don't get her mixed up with Lina, the regular peasant girl. Why would I choose to name them the same name? Well, I'm having Peasant Lina born on Princess Fairy Lena's birthday. The story above shall explain Lena's sad story. These are a few options for Lena's dress: 

These are all from Pinterest. On the first collage the one nearest to the right, just pretend it's white. That goes for the last one right above this, also. I couldn't decided. This story is set in fairy-talish times, so I don't care if it looks Medieval or not. 

Now, moving on to our protagonist Lina, the peasant girl. Pure of heart and bright of spirit. She loves children and Lena is her roll model. Her parents died when she was young. Her mother died when she was one, due to a fever, and her father when she was two, due to him dying at sea. Her brother had died when Lina was a little girl. She was playing in the woods while her brother played the flute, when a bear came and attacked her. Her brother died after killing the bear, saving Lina's life. Lina is soft spoken, and doesn't like confrontation. Most of the time she is carefree. She is normally known for getting into mischief and trouble with her best friend Pierre (for more on Pierre, scroll down)

The last one is Lina's wedding dress, because Lina ends up getting married, and because I just wanted to find a use for such a beautiful gown! The second one to the left is the one I'm leaning towards. 

Now, we move along to Pierre. He is Lina's best friend. To think of him, think of Gustav from the 1998 movie "Ever After: A Cinderella Story". 

Now ignore the kissing and love stuff. They are only friends, such as Danielle and Gustav in the movie "Ever After". He is the silversmith's apprentice and Lina's best and most trusted friend. He is encouraging, secretive, mischievous, bouncy and always has Lina's back. He, Grandfather and the prince (for more on the prince, scroll down) are the only ones who have seen Lena after her curse. 

Moving on, we come to the prince. Now the prince, I still don't have a name for. Here's where I need my readers help. Supply me with a name in the comments box, for I need one desperately. 

That's like the only one I could find that could do my prince justice. Now, he is quiet, respectful and is looking for a wife. His mother and father the king and queen are constantly pressuring him to find a wife. But it's not as easy as he thinks. He thinks that everyone with a title is stuck-up and full of themselves. But peasant girls. Another story. He wants to marry for love. That's the highest thing on his list.

Ah, Whitney. Our lovely antagonist. She is Lena's older sister. She used to be a fairy like Lena, but is angered by jealousy and later turns into a witch with dark powers. 

I wanted to make Lena and Whitney sightly similar. Like is says up in my flashback story: "But her hair was a plain pale blonde and her eyes didn't shine or sparkle like her younger sister's." So, you get it. Jealousy over beauty and popularity. Sounds like the real world, huh? 

I haven't found any pictures for Grandfather, because this is all I have so far. Grandfather is important to the story, as well. Now, from my last "Writings On The White Fence" I sometimes look back and wonder "Look how far I've fallen! Going from writings beautiful romances and action adventure novels to writing children's book because I am in a severe writers block!" But sometimes it is good for a change, yes? Yes, I think so. I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more of my writings and thanks for meeting my cast!!! Au Revoir!!!

What Do You Think About My New Story? Do You Have Any Names For The Prince? Supply Your Suggestions, Your Vote On Which "Book Cover" And Your Thoughts On "The Silver Slipper". Each And Every One Is Welcomed In The Comments Box!!!

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