Friday, October 11, 2013

Language Learning: In French

We all love The Phantom of the Opera, right? Phans, at least. Anyways, I am learning French on Mango, and my sister suggested listening to some French music to improve and to learn more of the language. Now, she said "Listen to only French music for a week." Easy enough, right? WRONG!!!! It ain't easy givin' up Les Misérables or Phantom or LND. So what do you think I do? Yes, that's right. I browsed the entire Internet for some French versions of some Les Mis and Phantom songs. The results were awesome!!! I ended up listening to about three or four songs, the same songs for a whole week!!! I found:

"The Phantom of the Opera"
Goodness, can I not just tell you how lovely this song sounds???? The guy whoever he is, is an excellent Phantom. Christine is awesome as well. Problems you may ask? I don't know if this is the 1986 version or the 2004 movie and 2011 Royal Albert Hall version, if it's in French, old French or if it's in Canadian French!!!! I don't even know who sings it, for crying out loud!! It makes me so mad!! And the end cuts off during Christien's vocalizing, so big sob here. Other than that, it's absolutely beautiful!!!! This is the link.

"L'Air De Misere"
A song from the original Les Mis that has the tune of "On My Own", but it is really Fantine's song and it's beautiful. The woman who is singing it, has an incredible voice!!! I was stunned. It sounds flawless and these songs that are already beautiful in English, are even more beautiful and heartbreaking in French!!!! This is the link.

"One Day More"
Oh. My. Gravy. This song is pure EPICNESS!!!!!! First off, can I just say the man who sings for Marius Pontmercy in this nearly beats out Michael Ball and Eddie Redmayne? Yes, I know, but I am super fond of his voice!!! His vibrato is clear and his tone is just breathtaking. I love the Thenardiers parts, as well as everybody else's. Valjean, Cosette, Eponine, Enjolras and Javert were excellent as well. But Marius' voice just stands out to me in such a good way. This is the link.

I'm giving out links to all these songs, because they are just too beautiful to be passed by. I mean, honestly. Take a moment out of your day to listen to these beautiful versions and tell me what you think!!!

Now, a word of advice for anyone trying to learn a new language. Whether it be French, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese, or whatever, have a goal. Like my sister encouraged me, I'm encouraging you to listen to only music that has whatever kind of language that you want to learn in it. Like if you want to speak Spanish, listen to some Spanish music with Spanish lyrics. It will help you. And, only for a week. Don't tell yourself "I have to listen to only Spanish music for a year!" It'll only take a week, and then you can go back to listening to English music.

If You've Chosen To Listen To These Songs, Tell Me What You Think Of The Versions!!! Comment Below!!!


  1. When I was learning French, this is what I did -- I have to say I'm not a big fan of French Phantom but Les Mis is gorgeous. Have you seen the musical Romeo et Juliette or Notre Dame de Paris? They really helped nurse me through French, and they both have some lovely songs and helped me learn French culture! (A word of warning (it confused me for a long time, so in case you didn't know already): in French singing, the end e's are pronounced, whereas they are not in speech.) Anyways, bonne chance!

    1. Wow, thanks!! I never even knew that!! Thank you so much, for that will help a lot!! And no I haven't seen Romeo and Juliet or the hunchback of notre dame. But I have read the book he hunchback of notre dame, so I'll have to check it out!! Thanks so much!!!
      ~Anna S.

  2. Its really great post.thanks for your importent information.I am so happy to read this.You can learn more about this please go learn to speak French

    1. Thank you! I certainly will, for I can never get enough of French!


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