Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Past The Point Of No Return: The Problem With Fandoms

Okay, I apologize for not getting a post out sooner. I'll really try to work on that! But, enough about me, let's get onto the subject at hand:

Fandoms. We all know them so well. We are parts of a fandom. Whether it's a celebrity, a book, series, movie, or musical. But, there's only one problem with a fandom group. Normally, besides complimenting the stars or whatever, we are somehow always ending up in a big argument. Is it worth it? Absolutely not!!! So, I'll use a few examples:

Okay, we all love a song in The Phantom of the Opera, right? Any Phan would know that. Then again, we have a song that is in the musical that we just can't stand and usually end up skipping it. I know, I have many. One of the songs that is usually skipped is "Past The Point Of No Return". Why? You may ask, if you're new to the Phantom fandom. Well, it's a very mature song with some seductive lyrics. The whole song is seductive. Plain and simple. Now, this song has got a great tune to it. While I like it, the lyrics, not completely. Yes, Past The Point Of No Return is an an "important" song to the musical, but then again, that musical probably wouldn't be complete without it. I mean, when is Erik supposed to take Christine and kidnap her again? According to the book, she was swiped off stage. It's not like the book says that he grabbed her through her dressing room mirror again, did it? No. So, if you like Past The Point Of No Return, that's great. if not, that's fine too!!! It's not a crime to not like one song from a musical that you like. For example, I don't completely like "Hannibal" or "All I Ask Of You" that much. But does that mean that the fandom should shun me or something? No. We all like different things, so let us put the fighting at a rest. It's really not necessary. Whether you like Gerald Butler or Ramin Karimloo, whether you like Emmy Rossum or Sierra Boggess better, let us stop. I've heard about fandom fights and how they sometimes can tear each other apart. But we don't want to be known as the Phantom fandom that fights tooth and nail, do we? We shouldn't.

Now, staying on the subject of Phantom, there's controversy over Sarah Brightman. Let us think for a moment before we all scoff in our heads "Sarah Brightman? Have you heard her voice nowadays! Yuck!" If it wasn't for Sarah Brightman, we would have a Christine Daaé would we? I mean, she's the first major Christine. Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote that part for her!!! For her, people!!! Have you even heard who she sounded before she had throat surgery? She sounded like an angel!!! This is a link that leads to an amazing video of her singing the 1986 version of the song "The Phantom of the Opera". Now, the guy who plays the phantom, is not that good. Period. No, I'm not meaning to start up a fandom fight, so put down the Punjab lassos, people! One comment read "Every time he sings, he sounds like he has to sneeze!". Now  can't get that out of my head and it really does sound like that, now that I listen to it more frequently. Honestly.

Skip over to Les Misérables, shall we? The fight over ships and whether Eponine should have gotten Marius in the end. Honestly. Let us be thankful that Marius found love at all!!! Does it really matter? I've seen Les Mis fans pair up and ship people. Now, what is wrong with shipping? Well for one, it starts up quite a bit of controversy among fans. I've seen all kinds of ships. Crazy ones, perfect ones, and ones that I'm just like "What? I've Never Thought About That Before!" For instance:
Ridiculous ship: Enjolras/Cosette
"What? I've Never Thought About That Before!" ship(s): Valjean/Fantine and Combeferre/Azelma or Courfeyrac/Azelma
Perfect Ship(s): Prouvaire/Cosette (otherwise know as Cehan) and Enjolras/Eponine (otherwise known as Enjonine)

So, you see? Fighting is not worth it. We have opinions and we should share them! But not like this:
"Sarah Brightman is the worst Christine ever!!"
"Anne Hathaway destroyed Fantine in her performance!"
How about this instead:
"I know everyone loves Sarah Brightman, but she's not really one of my favorites."
"I don't really care for Anne Hathaway's version of Fantine."

Is that really so hard? No. No, it isn't.

I want to thank everyone who made it to the bottom of this post, and for listening to my opinion of a fandom. Thanks so much!

What Do You Think About My Opinion Of A Fandom??? What Are Your Thoughts??? Comment Below!!!

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