Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Favorite Christmas Movie (Review): A Princess For Christmas

So, I saw this movie right when it came on TV. I missed the first run of it, but got to record it!!! It's called A Princess For Christmas and it's your typical cheesy movie. Yes, even though it's a Hallmark movie. I love cheesy movies; get over it. ;) Anyways, this movie is about a young woman named Jules Daly who is raising her now deceased sister and brother-in-law's children, a teenage boy named Milo and a seven year old girl named Maddie. It's a struggle, as Jules is let go of her job because the owner is not making enough money to pay her. Now Jules finds herself jobless, and the nanny she hired to watch the kids is fed up with both the children getting into trouble and departs. All of a sudden out of the blue, a man arrives at her house. A man named Paisley Winterbottom who is a butler to the children's wealthy grandfather, Sir Edward, who lives in Europe at Castlebury Hall arrives to take them all to see Sir Edward. After some persisting, they agree to go. Sir Edward is a grumpy man who doesn't like Christmas because it reminds him of his son's death. He isn't all too fond of Jules, who works to give the castle and the staff a happy Christmas. Oh! Did I mention there's a prince involved?

Now, for my review. (Rubs hands here)
Jules is a bit head-strong and isn't afraid to tell anyone what she thinks of them. She is hilarious, sweet and caring. You can see it in her attitude towards the kids. She is clumsy and obsessed with antiques, having worked in an antique store for so long. I like her because she seems real. Clumsy, pretty, but not  celebrity pretty. What I mean, is she looks normal. Like your neighbor kind of pretty, not super-model unrealistic pretty. Can I just say, that I love her dress when she arrives at the ball? I love it!!! Look at the detail!!! I put two pictures, just so you can see a few of the details. 

Prince Ashton (he's the prince I was talkin' about!) is such a gentleman, really. He is very compassionate towards Milo, who is missing his dad terribly. He loves Maddie like a daughter, and quite fond of Jules, unlike his father. He acts like a father figure in a way or two to the children.

Sir Edward is a grumpy man. Quite grumpy until his spirits change about less than halfway into the movie. He is a good character. That's pretty much all. I love him at the end of the movie!!!

Maddie is seven years old and is sometimes getting into trouble. Take the first scene of her when she dumps the entire thing of laundry detergent into the wash machine. Can you imagine? She loves to eat chips and has a doll named Dolly Dinkle,  whose head is always popping off. It ends up getting lost around the castle and being retrieved once again. A super sweet girl overall. 

Milo is the troublemaker. In the first scene that we meet him, he has stolen a video game. As the movie goes on, he starts to cheer up, even being nice to Maddie by the end of the movie. He learns a lot.

Paisley Winterbottom is Sir Roger's butler. He is sent to Buffalo to pick Jules and the children up and is not to come back until he has them with him. The first try fails, but later, his mission is accomplished. He is always in good spirits and handles the entire staff and Sir Edward's grandchildren at times.

There's not too much romance. Just a few kisses, and love-struck couples, but that's pretty much all. There's no foul language, or anything. Pretty much a clean movie for pretty much all ages. For me, if it's a pretty cheesy movie (though I'm picky) I'm there. This gets a 5/5 stars for me. And to end this lovely post:

Have You Ever Seen This Movie? What Did You Think? Comment Your Thoughts!!!


  1. It sounds cute! I heard about it a while back and wanted to know more. Thanks for reviewing it, Anna! :)

  2. You're welcome!! I really love it. Him. I need to record it...


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