Friday, December 27, 2013

Cozying Up With Cocoa 12-27-13

Hello to all! It feels like I haven't done one of my life updates in forever. Anyways, yesterday, I posted a survey for my business. Okay, we're done with that. 

Alright, The Voice is over! It has been over for quite some time, but I decided to save the winner for my CUWC. The winner was.....

Tessanne Chin!!!

I was so happy! All of my favorites made it in!! Will Champlin and Jacquie Lee were also phenomenal! Jacquie got second and Will got third. I saw so glad when Blake didn't even make it into the finals. I was so happy! So congrats to Tessanne! I guess my voting made a difference! 

A Winter Wonderland Blog Party is officially over. :( But congrats to Rose P., Lady Éowyn and Tara Therese for participating in week two, The Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge. 

I had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We did secret Santa's and I got my dad. Funny, because he got me! And what did I get him? Well, I got him a Nurf gun and ten disks. But what I got was awesome!! 

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 25TH ANNIVERSARY ADDITION AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL ON DVD!!!!! I was so thrilled and happy! Since Christmas, I have watched it twice already. I love the 25th version so much! It makes 2004 movie look just, hm, how do I say this nicely? Just a little bit smaller. Here's some other things I got: 

We had duck, homemade mashed potatoes and sweet corn for our Christmas feast. It was so yummy! I enjoyed the potatoes the most! And the best part, I got to peel the potatoes! I love that job. Why, you may ask? It simply gets all my anger out in every single harsh swipe to the tiny, innocent, helpless potato. No comments please! :)

Now, I have to make a few apologies. I have been slacking on finishing my Joly fan-fiction. Why? Well, we're coming to the end of one of my favorite barricade boys' story. It's hard and heart-breaking to write. So hopefully, that should be coming out soon. Another thing, I am still considering my recreation of The Phantom Of The Opera. I still what to know if you think I should and if you would like to hear it. Beware for some serious changes!! 

Oh yes, when I said I didn't have a Christmas tradition, I totally forgot that I did! We always put together a giant puzzle about 1500-2500 pieces. But this year, we had a competition. My sister and I and my dad and my older sister. They put together a Coke puzzle and my sister and I put together a scenery one. Well, they won, but we didn't lose by much. My apologies for the bad quality. 

Can you believe that in four days 2014 is here? It seems that it was only yesterday when I discovered Les Misérables and Phantom. I'm so glad did, because it has made such an impact on my life. I used to enjoy music leisurely, but now, I feel like I connect with it more. I understand it and appreciate it more now than ever. I would never have guessed that I would love musicals as much as I do now. 

Looking back on 2013, it was a definite year of changes. But it all seemed to turn out for the best. 

Random Fact: 
I love to make card towers!
Fun fact: I made a 9 tier card tower at the fair in our media club headquarters and it stood for a whole week! 

So, I leave you with this last sentence. 

Welcome To 2014!


  1. Great post!!! Love those bags you got, they're so cute. Oooh, a JoAnn's gift card would be amazing to get. I'm sure it helps you out a lot with your business!
    I love making card towers too...even though mine don't ever really work. :)
    I've never seen Les Miserable. All the blogs I read rave about it, so I want to read it for literature for school. Then hopefully I can watch the movie and concert versions.

    1. The 10th is on YouTube. The 25th I watched just before it was taken down. I hope you like the book!! I loved it!!

  2. I'm glad you had an awesome Christmas! Happy (early) New Year, dear friend!

    1. Hope you had an awesome Christmas! Happy (early) new year to you too, Madame!!


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