Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surveys! Any Surveys To Partake In?

Hey everyone! Did you catch the reference to POTO? If you didn't, my post title is called "Surveys! Any Surveys To Partake in?", and there's a chapter in POTO that is called "Barrels? Any Barrels To Sell?" Anyways, back to business. I am having a survey here on my blog. But this time, it's not for my blog, nor is it on my sidebar. You see, dear readers, I am participating in YEA! Otherwise known as the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. One thing that we really, Really, REALLY, need to do, is to do some research on our target audience and our market. So, this is where my lovely survey and you, my readers or visitors, come into the picture. I would be forever thankful if you could take a few minutes out of your day to take my survey. I would appreciate it more than I can say. So, if you could just take a few minutes out of your schedule, please partake in my survey! 

Thank You To All Who Partake In This Survey! I Appreciate It More Than I Can Possibly Say!

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  1. That's really cool! I like make-up pouches a lot! Sorry my answers to the survey were rather ... unencouraging.

    1. That's alright! You gotta know more about your target market one way or the other! :)

  2. I took your survey! I would buy your makeup pouch if I felt it would come in handy for me and it wasn't incredibly expensive or anything. Hope my answers helped!!

  3. Thanks so much Natalie! I so appreciate it, friend! :)

  4. You need to add a "press done to complete survey," in case some people click out of it without sending it. :)



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