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My Story l Part III

Part three of my story! WARNING: The final day to post is tomorrow!!! 

       Grunts. Pants. A thumping sound and her name. That was what Elsa heard. Reader, imagine that you have just fallen off a giant mountain. You ought to feel that you are dead and you ought to hear angels singing in Heaven. Not grunts, not pants, nor thumping sounds or calls for you. But that was what Elsa heard. Before long, she could see snow being push away from her face. Light shined above her, spilling all around her face. Edmund was there. His hair all disheveled and messy, his clothes soaked. After all, snow is ice and ice is frozen water. 
"Elsa! Are you okay?" Edmund pulled her up to a sitting position. Elsa looked around. So much snow had fallen from the triggered avalanche. At least five to seven feet had fallen. 
"How long have I been unconscious?" Elsa asked. 
"I got out nearly an hour ago. I've been digging for you ever since. If my time calculations are correct, you've been under the snow for two hours. I, for one hour. We need to get you dry." Edmund quickly built a fire. Todd, who had dug his own way out, simply sat shivering. Edmund brought out a cup and melted some snow over the fire, making it steamy warm water, before handing it to Elsa. Edmund brought out the icicles, and set them from longest to shortest. Elsa took one and held it over the fire. The first drop that fell into the fire suddenly glowed. Beside the fire, appeared a woman. She wore a white dress, her hair was light brown, and she held a long scepter in her hand. She had a kind smile and a ice crown atop her head. 
"Greetings, travelers. My name is Mariana. I am an ice princess. I am here, to help you." 
"You're an ice princess? I've always heard stories about ice princesses when I was a little girl. I never thought I would really meet one!" Elsa scrambled to her feet and curtsied. Edmund stood and bowed. Todd stayed in the sitting position and nodded his hello, before turning back to his own cup of hot water. Rolling her eyes, Elsa turned her glance back to Mariana. 
"Yes. It is such a pleasure to meet you, princess. I am here to give you a riddle to solve the mystery of the icicles. Listen carefully: An elephant is big. A mouse is meek. Look not only at the bottom, but at the peak. That is not all you need to know, but remember to always start low." Mariana told them. "Remember, this and listen to your heart." She repeated those words, before fading away and disappearing. Elsa and Edmund quickly got to work, repeating the ice princess' words to each other. They separated the icicles. One pile was the leftovers, the others were the ones with the tallest point. They then eyed each of the bottoms of the icicles. Before long, Edmund and Elsa found on with a snowflake symbol at the bottom. 
"This is it! Now all we need to find is the perfect peppermint leaves." Edmund read off the page. They packed up, got back on the horses, who, fortunately, were not buried, nor injured. Todd was silent and rode in the back as usual. They were headed to the Mint Marsh, which, thankfully, was frozen and not it's usually swampy wet low-land self. It wasn't too long of a ride; in fact, it was actually on the way back to the castle. Elsa felt a bit more confident that they were going to get back in time. After finding the perfect peppermint leaves, they were on their way back. 

Caydan felt that he had power and control. So he used it, barking orders, and treating the servants cruelly. King Julius and Queen Tiana approached him. "Just who do you think you are, bossing all these people around like you're their king?" King Julius demanded. Caydan glared at him and coldly replied, "I believe you are talking to the king of Icilia. You will bow to me, Sire." Taken aback, King Julius asked, "What do you mean?" 
"I am the rightful king to this throne! This is my throne! My throne! No one, not even that worthless King Harold will take it away from me. The princess hasn't been seen since last night. The law states that the official heir has two days to step forward and take the crown, and she isn't here is she? There is no other heir, but me! But me! Therefore the crown is mine!" Caydan screamed. He then stalked off. 
"What can we do, Julius? We can't chance the laws of a country that is not ours? And Todd, Elsa and that servant boy are not back yet. What shall we do? If the law states it, then it must be followed." Queen Tiana wondered aloud. 
"We have to wait." King Julius looked toward the fading sun. Elsa, Edmund and Todd had only a day to get back, before Caydan would take the throne. 

Daylight was also fading where the prince, princess and servant boy were. 
"We should camp for the night." Todd proclaimed, as he stopped his horse. 
"We can't. We have to get back to my father. Our laws states that when a king dies, the heir must take the throne two days after. If my father has died, I only have two days to get back and have my coronation." Elsa turned to look at Todd. Edmund also turned, and finally had had enough of this snobbish, arrogant prince. 
"We have two days to get back to save King Harold's life. Do you care? Even a little? You are to be married to Elsa, so why don't you care about your future father-in-law? You can stay and camp overnight, but Elsa is going on. So am I." Edmund's voice was firm. Todd rode over to him and spat, "You dare to talk to a prince in such a way! You're only a servant boy!" He raised his fist and threw it at Edmund's face. 
"Edmund!" Elsa cried, as Edmund fell off of his horse. The force of Todd's fist was like steel. Todd hopped off his horse, as Edmund lay sprawled out on the ground, before he got up. Blood gushed from Edmund's lip. But Edmund only wiped it away on his damp shirt sleeve.
"I'm tired of you getting in the way of everything. You're in the way of my happiness and my soon-to-be marriage. You're in the way of everything. When I take over the kingdom if Icilia, you'll be the first one I banish to the Land Of Wandering." Todd pulled his sword out of his sheath. He motioned with his sword for Edmund to get his out. Edmund did not comply, much to Todd's annoyance. 
"We don't have time for this." Edmund tried to walk by Todd, but was stopped by the cold sharp touch of steel to his throat. 
"Fight, you coward." Todd commanded. "Or are you too much of a coward?" 
"I am not a coward, but I am wise. We don't have time for this, and I know that I can beat you. What you'll do if I beat you, is accuse me of hurting you and you'll make sure that I'm hanged the moment we step foot in Icilia." Edmund stated, calmly. 
"All right. I'll make you a deal. You fight me. Whether I win or lose, I will not have you hanged. But we fight for the princess' hand." Todd point his sword at Elsa. A look of confidence rose in Edmund's eyes, as he pulled out his own sword. Elsa knew that Edmund was going to win. Every year in the Summer Icilia Tournaments, Edmund won the swordsmanship award. He was an expert swordsman, and Elsa knew he could beat Todd. The finest swordsman came from all around, even from different kingdoms. Edmund was great enough even to best the kings and princes of other kingdoms. Todd made the fist move. They danced around for a while. Edmund's moves were clean, sharp and precise, whereas Todd's were sharp, but wobbly and unsure. It lasted longer than Elsa thought, but her thoughts stood correctly, when Edmund won with a flick of his sword. Todd stood astonished. 
"You, you beat me." Todd stated the obvious. Edmund picked up Todd's sword and put it in Todd's grasp. 
"Yes, but beating you was not on my mind." Edmund put his own sword back in his sheath and went over to Elsa. "But you were, Elsa, my love." He then lifted Elsa and twirled her around before setting her down on her feet and kissing her softly. After that, he swung her up on his own horse and with Todd on his own horse, they rode back. Unfortunately, there was a terrible blizzard and they group had to stop, for they could not see a thing, in front, behind or to either sides of them. When they woke up the next morning, there was so much snow, it was up to the stirrup on the saddles of the horses. It was taking much longer. Tree branches had fallen all in the way, it took time to move them away. By sundown, they were only a little ways outside the village. But even more trees had collapsed and it was a big job. Villagers came with axes to help cut the branches. All of a sudden, the special icicle glowed and a snow fairy came out. She was small, and she left trails of blue dust all around the branches. They lifted and broke into tiny pieces so that Elsa, Edmund and Todd could go through. 
"Thank you, everyone! But I must get home!" Elsa told them. 
"Wait, milady! Did you hear the news? Captain Caydan is planning to take the throne in less than ten minutes. You have to get home quickly!" a elderly man told her. 
"Thank you, kind sir. Come on, Edmund!" Elsa took out Edmund's knife and cut the rope holding her horse and Edmund's from Todd's. They galloped on their way. 

Caydan smiled, gleefully. There was no princess in sight. King Harold was near death. In less than ten minutes I will be king and King Harold will be dead! This is going better than I planned! He rubbed his hands together. He didn't know within the palace, that Elsa and Edmund were melting the icicles and the peppermint leaves over the fire. 
"This should make the tea that should heal the king. Elsa, you need to go! It's only five minutes before Caydan takes the throne. Go now! I'll help the king." Edmund gently pushed her away. He hurried up to the king's room with the icicle and peppermint leaves all made into tea. Cadyan was just about to place the crown on his head, when Elsa made her appearance. 
"Princess Elsa! How nice to see you! But I'm afraid it's too late. The king is de-," Caydan was interrupted by Edmund at the top of the staircase. 
"He lives! King Harold lives!" Edmund yelled. King Harold appeared at the top of the stairs. He walked down and took the crown from Caydan's hands. 
"I am fully aware of what has happened. And it is my duty to inform you that you will be sent to the Land Of Wandering first thing tomorrow morning. Guards, take him away." King Harold ordered. Caydan was dragged away to the deep dark dungeon under the castle. King Julius and Queen Tiana talked with King Harold. 
"A decision must be made about the marriage." Queen Tiana reminded King Harold. 
"There has been a decision made. I am sorry, King Julius and Queen Tiana. But my heart goes to Edmund, not Prince Todd. Please forgive me, but I cannot marry someone I do not love." Elsa replied, before walked to Edmund. 
"This! This is why I told your father to send you to boarding school to teach you how to act like a man!" Queen Tiana stomped her foot. "No princess will ever fall for you if you're so arrogant!" She watched her son let his head fall back as if he heard that all the time. 
"Your Majesty, with your blessing, I wish to marry Elsa right away tomorrow." Edmund's beautiful brown eyes never left Elsa's face. He smiled, as he saw her blushing madly. 
"I am honored to call you my son-in-law. And the new king. I feel that I am getting too old to run a kingdom. Therefore, your coronation and Elsa's will be held after the wedding." King Harold smiled. 

The next morning was not as hectic as Elsa thought it would be. The throne room turned into the wedding area, and the banquet was being set with places for the wedding party. It was decorated with white roses, and lots of ribbon and wood. Elsa dress was a fashionable one. Made of the finest silk and tule, Elsa's dress had a sweetheart neckline, the bodice was covered in jewels, and the skirt was a bit smaller than a ballroom skirt. Her hair was left down in soft pressed curls. It was personally requested by the groom himself. The crowns selected her brilliant. Edmund's was a gold crown and Elsa's was a fine silver one with sapphire gemstones and diamonds all embedded in it. And low and behold! The very day of the wedding and the snow was melting at a rapid pace. The sun was hot and you could actually see the grass coming to peek out. The whole town came to see the wedding. King Edmund and Queen Elsa were married precisely at eleven in the morning, before taking their coronation. Caydan was banished to the Land Of Wandering and Todd, King Julius and Queen Tiana remained friends with the kingdom of Iciclia. That night, as Edmund and Elsa were walking to their sleeping chambers, Edmund stopped her and teased, "One adventure after another. I don't know how much more I can take in three days." His look then turned serious, as he asked, "Elsa, are you ready to start a new chapter in your life?" Elsa smiled, and replied, "I am ready to start a new chapter in our life." Smiling, Edmund leaned in to kiss her, before scooping her up in his arms, carrying her through the door of their chambers and locking it tight. 

Reader, can you imagine what happens next? Make it up in your mind. Put twists and danger, fear and love and all kinds things into the next chapter of Elsa and Edmund's life. Imagine it as you like. But hopefully, for now, the princess and the peasant boy's love story will end as a happy one. 

The End Of My Story! Tell Me What You Think! Comment Your Thoughts!!!


  1. Wow...I finally found time to read the story (been a little busy writing my own), and all I can say is wow.
    A really lovely fairytale

  2. Great happy ending, Anna!!!!!
    Wow, I can't believe we have to pick a winner now from our contestants' stories. I've read Lady Eowyn's and Tara's. I have yet to read Rose P's. Was there any other participators I'm not aware of?
    We'll discuss it at our usual spot, right?

  3. There is a girl named Envy, who said she would participate in both weeks. I don't think she has the story up yet. And yes, back to the usual spot! :)


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