Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Deal About Phil Robertson

Hey everyone!! So, I was planning to post another part of my story today, buuuuttttttt something I wanted to talk about came up. I don't know if many of my readers watch the show Duck Dynasty, but I know I do sometimes! I love it, but I have entrepreneurs class and I have to go to bed at 10. Most of the time I forget and miss it. :( Anyways, Phil Robertson, father of Willie, Jase, Jep and Alan, husband of Miss Kay and brother of the one and only Si Robertson was suspended for sharing his thoughts on homosexuality. He basically stated he thought it was a sin and it was disgusting. I was shocked and outraged when I read about it here

I mean, seriously! What about right of free speech? Just because people don't want to hear it doesn't mean that people should be silent and not say a word! I support Phil Robertson in his beliefs of the homosexuality deal all the way! I'm going to have another one of my controversial debates probably after my blog party is done and probably after the first of the new year. Be Prepared!!! Get your debate clothes on. Hm. Maybe I should just make this blog a debate hotspot. I have plenty more up my sleeve, because I want to hear what you think! So get on your debate clothes and get ready! I'm ready to get some not-so-nice comments and to respond to them. I respect all opinions, but I also know that I stick with what I believe in. No one can change that. So, A&E, I hope you have some bullet proof vests on, because people (including me) are outraged. Here are some articles to read if you want to read about it: 
1. Link One
2. Link Two

 What Do You Think About What Happened To Phil Robertson? How Do You Feel About What He Believes? Comment Below!!!
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  1. Well, just looking at headline news, he could very well be suspended from the show. I don't know how much truth this has to it, so...ya know...I guess we'll have to see. You're right 100%. Every American, including this man, has freedom of speech. I agree with Phil all the way, and if other people don't, well then...they can take a hike. PHIL FOR PRESIDENT. (Lol.)

  2. Amen, sister! I ain't shoutin' you down 'cause you're preachin' real good. I think that's what my dad says! ;)

  3. It's such a crazy world that we live in that they would suspend him just for voicing his opinion. The world sure does hate Christians and those who stand up against sin. It's so sad.
    I would like to see the rest of the family (who are Christians as well) walk off the show in support of him!

  4. Look at what this world is coming to! It's sad. A&E is going down the drain. Duck Dynasty if the only reason it's still floating.

  5. Hmm ... I'm afraid I kinda disagree. I agree with what he says, but I don't agree that A&E was wrong to suspend him from the show.

    Both GLAAD and A&E support homosexual acts and do not want to condone someone who does not. And I think they have the right to suspend him, just as I believe a Christian organization against homosexual acts has the right to suspend someone who endorses homosexual acts. It isn't the government that is discriminating Phil Robertson and forcing him to hide his beliefs. It's the network that doesn't want to support someone who believes the opposite of what they do.

    I'm just voicing my beliefs, which could very well change, but it sounds right to me now. I understand your anger, though. I don't mean to offend anyone.

  6. Tara- as I said in the post, I respect all opinions and I most certainly respect yours. They had the 'right' to suspend him, but I don't think they should have. It's Phil's opinion on homosexuality. The network may not agree with it, but I don't really see the reason to suspend him. Just my opinion.

  7. Tara - There was a bakery, I believe in Colorado, that was brought to court because the Christian owner refused to make a wedding cake for a gay wedding. When brought to court, he was told to make the cake or suffer a hefty fine.
    Yes, I believe A&E has rights and I respect them but the same people saying that force Christians to support abortion/homosexuality/other sinful practices. IF gay right activists believed Christians have a right to their views, then I definitely wouldn't be as upset as I am about Phil. Can you imagine the uproar if A&E suspended him for being homosexual? I can tell you the left would have a very different argument about us racist homophobes.

  8. Samantha, I understand about being called a homophobe. It's true that it is unfair if someone insists that those who support homosexual acts have their rights but those who do not support such things do not have those rights. And, yes, it is sad how much the worldview has changed. The story about the bakery is truly discriminating and wrong.


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