Monday, December 9, 2013

The Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great December!! I know that I am!! Welcome to week one of A Merry Little Christmas, and day one of The Winter Wonderland Blog Party!!! We're gonna kick this awesome blog party off with a tag, so leave your URL to your tag and the rest of your AWWBP posts, so Natalie and I can read them all!! For week two, we are having the ultimate Winter Writing Challenge. You are to write at least 2,500 words. Since I gave this to you in a month in advance, you all should hopefully be ready or near ready. But, don't fret over that right now. Let us all have some fun!!! So, here's the kick-off tag:   

1. What Christmas tree ornament holds the most sentimental value for you or the most memories?
2. Favorite Christmas cookie?
3. Favorite Christmas colors-red and green, blue and white, or gold and silver?
4. What are your 3 favorite Christmas movies? 
5. 3 favorite Christmas carols and 3 favorite Christmas songs?
6. Sledding, ice-skating, skiiing, snowball fights, snowman building or snowmobiling?
7. Your most memorable Christmas
8. Best Christmas gift ever?

9. Funniest Christmas story
10. Have you ever done "Secret Santa's" in your family?
11. During a snowstorm would you rather read or watch a movie? 
12. Your favorite Christmas album
13. Do you have a family Christmas tradition? 
14. What is your favorite colors to wear throughout winter? 
15. What do you like better: baking Christmas cookies or wrapping Christmas presents?
16. Snow-shoveling the snow or staying inside? 
17. Do you like winter? Why?
18. How many Christmas trees do you put up in your house?
19. What kinds of awesome decorations do you put on your tree(s)?
20. Francesca Battistelli's song Heaven Everywhere is so beautiful. Read this excerpt of some of the lyrics, and tell us how you would try to make "heaven everywhere" for people.
"...It's Christmastime, there's something in the air
There's a little bit of heaven everywhere
Somehow there's a little more of love
And maybe there's a little less of us...
It's the smile on a man who has finally found hope
It's the tears of a mother whose child has come home
It's the joy that we feel and the love that we share
There's a little bit of heaven everywhere...

It's funny how it takes a holiday
To show us how the world could truly change
If we all took the time to really care
There'd be a little more of heaven everywhere

It's the grace that we show to a world that needs hope
It's giving our lives knowing they're not our own
It's the joy that we feel and the love that we share
There's a little bit of heaven everywhere..."

And now, my answers: 

1. I'm not too sure. We put on glass ornaments like this: 

2. My dad and our family make sugar cookies with homemade frosting, so that would have to be my favorite. 

3. I love all of them. Red and green are great and traditional, but I absolutely love blue and white. 

4. Hm. I'm not sure. For one, I know Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and probably A Princess For Christmas. I'll have a post on that movie this week. 

5. My three favorite traditional carols are Carol of the Bells, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman and God Bless Us Everyone. For the actual songs, Love Came Down At Christmas by Jars of Clay, I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day by Casting Crowns and Carol of the Bells by BarlowGirl.  

6. I've never been ice skating. I've really wanted to go, but we're a busy family. Never really been sledding, so probably building a snowman. 

7. Probably when we had McDonald's for Christmas dinner. Don't ask, but we look back on it and laugh. 

8. I have no clue! I get all kinds of great gifts!!

9. The McDonald's one would probably fall under that. 

10. Yep! Last year and this year! Can't tell who I have this year, though! I had my mom for Secret Santa last year. 

11. Both. Well, it depends on my mood in all honesty. 

12. I don't have a favorite. I love most songs off of all kinds of different albums!

13. Not really......

14. It really doesn't matter. I wear what I have. Blue would probably be my favorite, at wintertime and year round. 

15. I love to bake, but I love wrapping gifts too! It's so much fun! Especially at the glorious moment when the scissors glide across the wrapping paper. 

16. SNOW SHOVELING!!!! I always do off our driveway and porch in the winter. And all by hand shoveling. Somestimes my dad brings out the snowblower, but I like to shovel. Don't judge me! :)

17. Absoutely! For one, I have major allergies. In the winter, they all go away!! Happy, happy, happy! I always find myself hot. This is coming from a girl who has her house at 63 degrees in the winter and sleeps on top of her bed in lightweight pants and short sleeve T-shirts. So, I love the cool weather and the snow!! 

18. We use to put up three. One tall on in the living room, one in the kitchen and a little one in the basement. But now, we only put one tall one up in the living room. 

19. We put on colorful lights, an angel on top, and glass ornaments, as shone above. 

20. I would just smile and say 'Merry Christmas' to everyone. If I had all the time in the word, I would go down and help at the hospitals, where there are kids with cancer and leukemia, and try to make it special for them, by donating gifts to them. 


  1. Yay!!! Our party is officially started!! I love your answers! "Especially at the glorious moment when the scissors glide across the wrapping paper." So true! :)

    1. Haha!! I'm so glad the party has started!!

  2. Hey Anna!
    Is the deadline for submitting stories for the contest going to be the 20th? And then we'll announce the winner on the 21st? Lady Eowyn was asking me that, so I wanted to check with you before I said anything. I wasn't sure how we had it planned. :)

    1. The deadline is the 21. It gives us two days to judge. Is that good?

  3. So what day will we announce the winner?
    Me too! I think it's going to be a great 2 weeks!

    1. The very last day, the 23rd is when we will announce the winner. How does that sound?

  4. Oh, I gotcha. Sorry about that, I was a little confused about our dates!
    Okay then, ends on the 21st, announced on the 23rd. Perfect!


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