Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Controversial: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

We all love Christmas right? I mean everyone who actually celebrates Christmas. Anyways, what's the first things that come to your mind. BE HONEST! Here's what came to my mind in all honesty:
A. Gifts
B. Snow
C. Jesus' Birth

Come on, admit it. Jesus' birth isn't always the first thing that we think of when we think of Christmas. I can admit it, can you? If Jesus' birth is the first thing that comes to your mind, then kudos to you. We all get distracted by all the fun gifts and Christmasy things that happen at wintertime. But should we really forget the reason why we're celebrating? It's because of Jesus' birth. Plain and simple. But what we really do on Christmas is we ruin the day that we should be celebrating the birth of Jesus!!! I mean, it's His birthday and we don't care a bit. Sure, maybe you read the story of Jesus' birth in the Bible, but then it's straight to opening presents. We basically forget all that we've read and go head-first for the presents. That's sad. I mean, how would you for like your birthday that was a holiday, spoiled by everyone who is getting presents for themselves and each other? I mean yes, it is the season of giving and receiving, but honestly. How would you feel? And the sad thing is, that we're ignoring the baby boy who was born to save all of us from our sins. He died on a cross for us, and we're ignoring the day he was born in this world. I am having another poll on the side of my blog. Vote what you think and share your opinion! So, I leave you with a simple question.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? Comment Your Thoughts And Vote In My Poll!!!


  1. Good post. I think all Christians are guilty of letting the true meaning of Christmas slip by them once in awhile. It's definitely a thing we should dwell on more often-not on the gifts we give and receive.
    But I don't think gifts are a bad thing at all. Think of it this way-we're showing love to each other by spending time and money on gifts for them. Jesus said himself what you do for others you're doing for Him. So it's almost like you're giving gifts to him by giving to others! :)

  2. I agree. I celebrate Christmas, I always have! I just wanted to see what other people thought! :)

  3. I can see why people don't celebrate Christmas. It's not in the Bible, it started out pagan, and Jesus wasn't born near Christmas. -Your beloved sister.
    Happy Hanukkah

  4. As sad as it is, Jesus' birth doesn't always come to mind first when thinking about why we celebrate Christmas. The gifts and everything are nice, but we can't forget the true reason for the season:)

  5. I'm actually remembering Christ better this Christmas than in past years and I think I have the Advent to thank. No, not the cute little windows that count-down to Christmas, but instead, the actual advent wreath with the candles you light on Sunday and say a prayer. You see, my sister and I are observing the advent this year. We have Thomas Kincaide's advent devotional and we read in it every day, lighting the advent candle of that week. Then we pray and it helps focus our hearts on Christ.

    So, my answer is yes, Christians should celebrate Christmas. And it's awesome to love giving and getting presents and eating good food and loving each other. But it's also important, crucially important, for Christians to observe Advent. It changes the perspective of the month and it might not always be easy to sit down and read a devotional every day, but it is so worth it.

    1. Carissa, I completely agree with you!! It's fine to celebrate Christmas, but let us never forget the real reason why Christmas is special and important!

  6. In a world that's changing so fast, I think everyone should celebrate Christmas for their own reasons. If you're an atheist, than it'll be more about the presents. Christians will focus on Jesus' birth. But I think that's the way it should be, because everyone focuses on their own life. I think it's okay to celebrate Christmas the way you want as long as you remember why Christmas is so important to you, even if it's just because of the presents

  7. I think it's great for Christians to celebrate Christmas! While Christians should focus on Jesus, I don't think the secular traditions are bad if people don't get too caught up in them. After all, Christmas is usually when families reunite and it's a really joyful season!

  8. I completely understand!! Thanks for commenting!!


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