Monday, March 24, 2014

Going Karimloo Krazy

Okay so this post is all about Ramin Karimloo. Because, I mean, let's just face it: Who wants Channing Tatum over Ramin Karimloo? He's all muscle and actor. That's about it. I truly do not find him as "hot" as everyone thinks he is. But then there's Ramin. Who sounds like an angel, who can act like nobody else, who is the best Erik, like, ever and I could go on, but I would bore all y'all to death.

Soooo, he is going to be in Les Misérables on Broadway starting tomorrow (I think) and I'm freaking out. He's playing Jean Valjean, and only people who actually know about Les Mis will know who he is. I AM HYPED!!! See, this is the only time where I wish I lived in New York across the street from where they do all the big productions. Like, I would do anything to get tickets in the front row to see Ramin Karimloo do Jean Valjean. Well, I take that back. I wouldn't' do anything like, you know, that would get me in trouble or jail ;) but I mean like, I can't believe I'm saying this (well that's a lie too, because I've already been to one) but I would give up PBR tickets to see Ramin Karimloo do the part of Valjean. I would. I really would.

The Phantom of the Opera

He is the only man who has starred in all three main character male parts. In the 2004 movie, he was Christine's father, and he has played Raoul and Erik. To me, he will always be Erik. I mean, if Gerald Butler tried to sing to me I would be like "Creep, get away from me!" If Ramin sang, I would be like "Oh my goodness. My angel of music!" I love the 25th Anniversary edition with Sierra Boggess and Hadley Fraser. I already mentioned that. I mean, he just has the voice, the acting skill, he has the feeling and emotion to the role. If a movie makes me cry, then it should win an Oscar. I mean, yeah. I was sobbing when Erik sang in the Final Lair "Christine, I love you." I was dying. I wanted to jump through the screen of my laptop and slap some sense into Christine. Well, I want to do that in any version, except the 2004 version. I'd abandoned both of them in that version. He holds a special place in my heart, just because he's the first Erik that I ever saw. I hadn't even seen The Phantom of the Opera and he was my first Phantom. So hopefully you can see my reason. 

Les Misérables

Oh my. Oh my. What can I say about him in this? He starred as Enjolras in Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Cast. He was EPIC! Thought I still like Aaron Tveit like 1/2% better, he was awesome. And of course with his buddy Hadley Fraser up there as Grantaire, it was even better. And now, he's going to be Jean Valjean in Les Mis this year! Oh my goodness, I am going to fangirl like crazy.

Love Never Dies

Well, I've only seen some taped parts of the show in shaky quality, but he is awesome! I love Ben Lewis just a little more, but he is still awesome. I just love his emotion. He still is the dark pitiful creature, but he still loves Christine with all his heart.

Now, I bet you're all wondering why I love him so much. I'll tell you why. He's got the voice of an angel, he's beyond an amazing actor, and yeah. As I mention above, he'll always have a special place in my heart for being my "first Erik". No one will be able to replace him.

So congrats to Ramin Karimloo! I'm totally hyped, despite not being able to see him. :'( P.S., if you all know a magical fairy who could make me the free-est person (schedule and time wise), get me front row seat tickets and backstage passes and free plane tickets, please send him/her to me! ;)

And now, some videos and photos for all of you!

Some Regulars

Yup, that's it.

Ramin and Sierra!

Awww, Ramin and his son

Some Phantom And Love Never Dies
No, no, no, I'm NOT crying. *sniffle* I have.... allergies

Oh Erik.... You break my heart.

I love them! RIERRA!

And Finally Some Les Misérables

Ramin as Enjolras

Colm Wilkinson and Ramin Karimloo

Some Videos:

Have You Heard Of Ramin Karimloo? What Do You Like About Him The Most? What Is Your Favorite Song(s) That He Sings? 


  1. Hi Anna!
    I'm replying here to your comment that you left for me because I accidentally deleted your comment! I'm sorry! Thankfully I had it in my e-mail so I could still read it.

    As to the blog party, I thought about it for a couple of days (sorry if you were waiting for my response!) and even though I REALLY want to do it (I mean, you had to pick Disney as the theme, which is one of my favorite things ever!) I just think it wouldn't work for me right now. I'm really busy trying to stay on top of my school and not get behind. As fun as the Winter Wonderland Blog Party was, it took a lot out of me, and I can't do another one so soon! :) Thank you SO much for asking me though! I would lovelovelove to do another blog party with you in the future!

    Okay, I'll get those questions done and I'll leave a comment with my answers. Is that fine with you?

    Now, I'm commenting on your post, haha. :)
    I really want to read and see Les Mis. Everyone goes on and on about how great it is-hopefully I'll read it soon!!!
    And yes, oh my goodness, Ramin is THE BEST PHANTOM EVER!!!! His voice is just breathtaking!

    ps. I saw Frozen!! It was amazing!
    I was sad that Hans turned out to be evil though. I always thought he'd end up with Elsa! :P
    Kristoff is the best, Anna is adorable, and Olaf is sooo funny!
    Because what else would he be but a "happy snowman" in summer? ;)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Natalie's, and quickly discovered I had a fellow fangirl in many things!!!:D (Like Disney, musicals, etc...)

    RAMIN KARIMLOO. YES. I just - his VOICE! I have a hard time deciding who's voice I find more impressive - Ramin's or Howard Keel's. They're both just so powerful and melt-in-your-mouth and BIG voices. Sigh.

    Oh. My. Word. When he sings, "Christine, I loooove you" - well, forget that! I'm gone. My internal self is drowning in tears and sorrow and JUST WHY. I find it interesting that in the movie (I have mixed feelings about the movie, but this in particular), it seems like the actors - most of them, at least - didn't pour themselves out over the roles as much as Sierra and Ramin and Hadley did in the 25th. In the 25th, the emotion is just like seeping from each and every actor's face, but in the movie...not so much.

    I must see Ramin doing Valjean! I've heard him sing "Bring Him Home," and I was quite impressed. It seems like such a challenging piece for males in general, so it was nice to hear a solid rendition;)

    Anywho, sorry for such a long first comment, but when I find a fellow person who fangirls over the same things/people, I get rather excited:D


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