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Cozying Up With Cocoa 3-27-14

Okay. I am so sorry for the lack of posting. Hm. I wonder how many times I can say that. Because my parents always taught me that "Sorry means change" and so far, there has been no change. I have post written and ready to fire off, and I can't even seem to get that done. So, I apologize once more! 

Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams is doing superbly! 

We stopped S.O.P.A!!! I am so happy! Even if it was a fake poll just to ruffled the feathers of all the fandoms, it worked! When I signed the poll (#51 signature), I was worried. The numbers were moving slowly. I watched it every day and all of a sudden, the numbers skyrocketed and we made out goal! Congrats and thank you to everyone who signed! 

The Voice is back on! Yesssss! Alright, I've got my eye on a few people. So far, only one of my absolute favorites has gone home. The ones I have my eye on are Clarissa Serna, Bria Kelly, Christina Grimmie and Sisaundra. I don't particularly like Bria, but she's someone to keep your eye on. 

The Amazing Race is back on, as I said. Jet and Cord are still in it! Man, Dave and Conner are really bringing their game. Next teams I want to see go are Brendan and Rachel, because she drives me up the wall and then the Globetrotters. I don't like them, because in Season 18 Unfinished Business they u-turned Jet and Cord and sent them home. I was furious! So, yeah, I have a grudge against them. 

Oh my gravy. I am going to the investor panel in a week to ask them for money to start up my business! I am going to be a CEO. That's scary. A business in the hands of a 14 year old? I'm not sure that I even trust myself. But, Lord willin', I will go on to Florida to compete the next competition. To be utterly truthful, I think that this battle is really going to be me against my sister Samantha, from her blog Le Chaim On The Right. I don't know. I really am praying, hoping, wishing that I will go on and win this entire thing. 

So, I am officially done with math this year! I was a month ahead for math which set me ahead. I had to redo some tests, but that was all! I am so relieved. Now I need to focus on my rhetoric, vocabulary, French (which I haven't done it ages grrr) and history. I'm actually ahead for rhetoric, too. Oh well, I'll just be done sooner. Nothin' wrong with that. 

Okay, as I said in my last post, I'm going Karimloo Krazy. I need someone to fangirl and rant with. I have never ever wanted to go to New York so badly. I never wanted to go there, just because of the people and the fact that I am most certainly not a city girl. But, with Ramin Karimloo starring as Jean Valjean, I REALLY want to go. I mean, seriously! Someone who has an extra ticket TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! PLEASE!!!! I've never been to a big Broadway musical, and it would be an absolute dream to see Ramin play Jean Valjean. *Attack of the fangirl giggles* Ahem. I've only seen Beauty and the Best, Peter Pan, Snow White, and I think Cinderella, and Horton Hears A Who performed on stage. I can barely remember any of them, I was so young. So, I would love to go to a Broadway musical. 

Alright, I have some news. Yes, some news. Extremely scary, isn't it? Well, I am going to be hosting another blog party. My first blog party "A Winter Wonderland" was actually a smash hit. I hosted it with Natalie and I got more participants than I ever thought was possible, especially for it being my first blog party. That was in early December. It's been five months and I'm ready to do another one. This time, I'm going solo. So, what is the theme of this one? 


Yes, it is Disney. With the release of the Oscar-winning Disney movie Frozen, I had this idea in the back of my mind for about forever (er, since I started with blog). I shall have a post all about it, so I won't waste my typing right now. P.S., if any may want to co-host with me, offers are welcome. 

I have been in writers block for quite a long time. I'm really tired of it. I can seem to write anything right now. Except Broken Strings And Shattered Dreams. Which is sad. I feel as if my well of inspiration has dried up. 

I am really hoping to get into singing and musical theatre/drama classes. Something sparked inside of me in December of 2012. Wow, has it really been a little over a year since I found out about Les Misérables? Has it really been about a year since I found my love of musicals? Wow. It seems like such a long time. It seems remarkable. You know, this is like what happened when I discovered the PBR once again. My dad always tells me how I always used to sing when I was a child. I remember it, too. I was always swinging and making up lyrics and belting them out. My dad always tried to encourage my other sister to sing with me *hehe* but she didn't. I look at that little girl and wonder what happened. It seemed that I was just a little more outgoing as a child than I am now. Nowadays, my dad is always trying to encourage me to sing out loud. I can't sing in front of anyone. I finally mustered up all the courage in my body to sing in front of my family and ask about singing lessons. (It was a long fallout and ordeal!) Now, I may be able to take lessons. Fingers crossed! You see, my mom and dad finally gave me the option to quit piano (long story) and I am 90% sure of quitting and trading that for singing and musical theatre. 

I haven't been watching the PBR at all. *Gasp*. It seems that with Luke off, I don't really feel the need to watch it anymore. That sounds weird, but it's true. Luke was my all-time favorite. When I rediscovered the PBR, the event was Last Cowboy Standing, which he won and I fell in love with the sport all over again. I mean, I have other favorites, but usually I skipped everyone to watch my favorites. Besides, recording 2 hours worth of bull riding which two events come on each week, I can't keep up with it. I check in often to see the stats and things, but without Luke Snyder, I don't know, it's not as exciting. He was just this little bubble of happiness, nearly always with a smile on his face (except when he didn't ride). I loved it. 

Okay, Love Never Dies might be going on Broadway! EEPPP! But, there is something sad about it. Andrew Lloyd Weber is *possibly* planning to kill of Erik instead of Christine! NOOOOO! If *Erik* dies, *I* might die. Seriously. Sierra Boggess might return for the role, but no one knows who's going to play Erik. I wish Ramin would do it. And Hadley Fraser would return for the role of Raoul. BUt it's probably not to be. *sob* "People worry about what happens to the child,” Lloyd Webber added. “That’s the feedback we’ve had. If we do change the ending, we could make it more comfortable for people.” If we did that to every musical (at least that I know about) then Erik and Christine would be together, none of the Barricade Boys would die and yeah. I mean, if you really want it the way the audience wants it, then let it just be another "meh" kind of musical. I think that Raoul should lose the bet and head back to France, along with Meg and Erik and Christine should stay together with Gustave in Coney Island. My opinion. 

So, we were so close to all the snow melting. We could see SO MUCH GRASS! And then God said "Let there be snow!"  and suddenly He starts to make a snow cone. I love snow, I don't mind it, but now it's getting just a tad out of hand. This is the biggest winter I have ever seen. It's unbelievable. 

Dancing With The Stars is on! Usually I don't watch it. I've only watched Ty Murray dance and that was on Youtube. But Meryl Davis and Charlie White are going to be dancing, competing against each other. I wonder who will make it to the end, or if they don't, I wonder who will go the distance. Also, if you grew up with the show "Full House" then you'll know who I'm talking about. I didn't but our dad introduced it to us a while ago. Candace Cameron Bure is on it too! She played DJ Tanner in the '90's show Full House. So I've got three dancers I've got my eyes on. 

I've been on phases of Frozen, POTO, Les Mis and The King and I. Like, majorly. 

Hm. I was just thinking about what an odd person I am. When I go to Youtube they have recommended videos. Whenever I look there I see some Les Mis videos, some Phantom videos, some OneRepublic, The King and I, Love Never Dies, some Blimey Cow, some country things, Frozen stuff, such a jumble of things. Phantom, Les Mis, Disney, OneRepublic, The King and I, Love Never Dies, Blimey Cow, Disney, yup, that's the way I roll. Oh, and throw in The Voice. 

Ugh. Not only am I boring you to death, I'm boring myself to death. So I'm logging off. 

Au Revoir!

What Is Your Favorite Musical, Disney Movie And Sport? What Phases Have You Been On?

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  1. Congrats that your story is doing well! I haven't read it, but if I get the time I'd love to!

    Good luck on your business! What is it exactly? I mean, how does this whole thing work? Are there lots of kids creating businesses too, are is this something you decided to try? And what is the competition about? Sorry for all the questions!

    Oh my, you're going to Florida?? It'd be so neat to meet you if you were in my area!
    Oh yay! It's so nice to finish math early!

    Oh my goodness, I REALLY want to go to a Broadway musical too. I'd never want to live in New York but it'd be neat to visit-maybe for a week or less-I'm not sure I'd last that long! I hate crowds and traffic. But yes, a Broadway musical would be amaaaazzing.

    Squeep! I can't wait for your blog party! I'm a little sad I won't be co-hosting with you, but I know it's the right choice for me right now. I'm just too busy.

    I hope you get to take singing lessons! I would LOVE to have them someday! And being in a drama/musical theatre would be a dream come true. At least I think it would. I've never done it before but I'd LOVE to try!

    Haha, I go through "phases" too. Frozen, POTO, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen. and Disney in general has been my phases lately.
    Anyways, have a great day!


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