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Pass The Popcorn: The Spitfire Grill

To a town with no future, comes a girl with a past

Welcome to another Pass The Popcorn! I know these have been seldom compared to my "Let The Music Move You" and "Cozying Up With Cocoa" posts, so forgive me. I am here to introduce to you, one of my favorite movies. It's a film called "The Spitfire Grill" made in 1996.

WARNING: There are spoilers (in the warning content)

The story is about a young woman named Percy Talbot, who has just got out of prison for manslaughter. When she is released, she travels to the town of Gilead, Maine to basically start her life over. The town is quiet and close knit. When there's a new-comer, expect a lot of hushed whispers. She ends up working for Hannah Ferguson at her restaurant The Spitfire Grill.

Now, you're probably thinking "a good movie about a man slaughterer?" But, trust me, it's awesome. My dad introduced me to this movie some years ago. As soon as I saw it, I loved it. It was like the quick connection. I just watched it a while ago, and I still love it the same.


Percy Talbot
Percy is a young woman who has had a terrible childhood. She has just gotten out of prison and travels to Maine. She works at The Spitfire Grill for Hannah Ferguson, and little does she know, will change the small close-knit town forever.

Hannah Ferguson
Hannah Ferguson is the owner of The Spitfire Grill. Older and feisty, she hires Percy out of kindness. After a fall that leaves her bedridden for a time, Hannah has to trust Percy to handle the restaurant- and another task. Every night, week, (I really can't remember) or something like that, Hannah has Percy pack a burlap sack full of canned goods and food, set it by a stump and hit an axe in the stump, standing up.

Shelby Goddard
Aww, Shelby. She's so sweet. She's a quiet thoughtful woman, with a husband and kids. She befriends Percy when she comes to help her run the grill while Hannah heals. She becomes more talkative throughout the movie, becoming Percy's best friend.

Nahum Goddard
Ugh. Nahum. I do not like him. He's a cold-hearted man and Shelby's husband. He doesn't like the look of Percy when she arrive. He often tries to control Hannah and tries to "warn" her, the sheriff and the town about her. He's just not a good apple, let's put it that way.

Joe Sperling
He is a kind man, who takes a liking to Percy.

Johnny B./Eli Ferguson
He is Hannah's son. He is a hermit who lives in the forest, Everyone believes that he has been dead of several years. "Johnny B." is the nickname that Percy gives him.


  • There is cursing involved
  • Percy's reason for being in jail is heartbreaking and a bit violent. She tells Shelby about her past and why she was imprisoned, as they sit in an abandoned church.
  • Percy is often seen smoking
  • There is a bar scene, but nothing happens. We see Joe and Percy having a drink and a woman pushing a man away
  • Percy's death is tragic and sad (saving Eli's life)
This movie is a wonderful movie. Seeing Percy grow throughout the movie from a girl with a terrible past to a girl who has a hope of a new story in awesome. I recommend this movie for viewers about 12 and above.

Have You Ever Seen The Spitfire Grill? What Did You Think? 

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