Friday, March 7, 2014

I've Been Nominated!......Twice!!!

Sooo, all of a sudden, I got onto my Blogger dashboard.... And I saw I had a comment. I hadn't gotten a post out in a while, so I was like 'What is this?'. To my utter surprise and delight, the lovely Lady Éowyn had nominated me for the "Sunflower Blogger Award"! 

I was thrilled and rather surprised! So, here I am to answer questions and tag people.... That's going to be hard..... I don't know that many bloggers (those who haven't been nominated yet!) to choose from. 

The rules are to share 11 facts about yourself, set questions to your nominations and nominate 11 bloggers. So, without further ado, here we go: 


  • I love the cold
  • I sleep on top of my bed instead of in my covers
  • I am soon to be the CEO of my own company
  • I have a phobia of mold (and I'm allergic to it!)
  • I'm on a current phase of OneRepublic and Frozen
  • I love gum (I chew one piece or maybe two each day) (It also helps to tide your over when you're hungry)
  • I am fascinated by the sky. I take countless pictures of clouds. You can probably tell from my life segments
  • I love the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" (TOTALLY AWESOME)
  • I can't do anything without music (I don't really like not listening to music in school, but I get distracted) (I listen to it when I blog, when I'm on Pinterest, for goodness sake, I burn my iPhone battery by just listening to music!)
  • I'm right-handed
  • I'm not even 5 feet tall yet and I'm pretty much done growing

Here are Lady Éowyn's questions: 

Are you a blueberry or strawberry girl, i.e. which berry do you prefer?
I am not a healthy person. I do not like anything healthy except raw carrots, watermelon, apples, oranges, grapes, clementines on rare occasions and that's it...... and corn. Corn is a grain though, but still. So, I can't answer this. I don't like either unless they are in a smoothie. Then, I can't taste it (thank the good Lord!)
What is the most chilling book you have ever read?
Um, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yep, mostly Phantom....
Would you rather travel to Asia or Europe?
Okay, understand me, though I seem crazy. I am adopted, as I mentioned from China. But here's the deal: I have no interest in my culture or my heritage. Sorry, but, yeah, not too sorry. The only thing I like about my culture is the food (duh) and the tea. My mom and dad wanted me to learn Chinese.... I stopped. I'm taking French right now. I'd rather go to France, London and Ireland than Asia. That's just me. 
Do you like to dance and if so what form?
I. Do. Not. Dance. I can't dance. But, if I did, I would want to do ballroom. It's nice and classy. Better find me a man to dance with then. :0
What is one of the books of the Bible you are currently reading?
I am currently reading Leviticus. I am trying to read the Bible all the way through. I'm at a snails pace though... 

And for my nominees I only picked 6, because that's all I had (sorry! everyone else had been nominated!): 

Here are your questions: 
Favorite animal?
Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Fruits or vegetables?
Books or movies?
Favorite Barricade Boy? 
Favorite Musical?
Favorite Band/Artist?
Favorite TV show?
Sweet or Sour?
If you were to go back in time would you go to the 19th or 20th century?
Meet one literary person, who would it be?

And now, I was nominated a second time by the lovely Natalie for the "Sunshine Award". 

Gah, two nominations and less than three days? Goodness! Alrighty, here is the questions: 

1. What would you do on a rainy (but not stormy) day?
Hm. Read, blog, something in that sort.
2. Heels or flats?
Ummmm, neither..... I don't really like flats. Heels I would fall on my face and break my neck in... But if I had to pick between the two, I would say flats. I really would like my cowboy boots better. (Yes, their worn and scuffed on the toes, but I don't care! It doesn't stop me from wearing them!)
3. Is there any particular music/song that ever gives you chills from the beauty or inspiration of it?
I'm glad you asked, Natalie. And yes, there is... 
"Dear Hollywood" by Anthem Lights this song, well, everyone in Hollywood needs to listen to it. 
"Before The Performance" by Love Never Dies Australian Cast The strings in the songs, Ben Lewis' voice mixed, in Oh. My. Goodness. I can't get enough of this song. I mean, I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it after the 20th time. 
 "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel This song, I feel like this song. No, I don't have magical powers, but there are times where I feel like Elsa and I really just want to let it go. 
"For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)" Idina's vocalizing when she goes "I can't!" at the end. The best part ever! Well, all her parts are awesome... 
"Dead Come To Life" by Jonathan Thulin This is such a good song. Though the video is long, I encourage you to watch or at least listen to it all. It is amazing, trust me!
"Life In Color" by OneRepublic Aw, this song is awesome. I love OneRepublic. They don't sing bad songs, but they aren't like everyone other band who only sings about love. They sing about something, which it really nice and refreshing. 
4. Would you find a mud battle hilariously fun or positively gross?
I wouldn't find it fun if I was pushed in, or wasn't aware that I was going to do it. But if I knew, I would dive it and have a lot of fun. Just as long as it is not unexpected. 
5. Is there anything you feel God has taught you over the past year?
Nope. Because He's still teachin' me everything! But, if I had to pick something, and it's still something that I am learning, it is, that my future is in HIS hands and it is HIS timing, not mine. So I think something He has been teaching me is patience. You can't rush everything in life, no matter how badly you want it to happen. 
6. Favorite sidekick/best friend character from literature?
Hm. I would say Erik, but I don't feel like being his accomplice. He'd be my friend, but my sidekick would probably be Joly or Jehan. (Don't ask me to pick between them)
7. What do you like to do for exercise?
I don't like to exercise. But if I do, I guess walk. But I have to watch something or listen to music. It's boring just working out. 
8. A favorite movie/TV show nobody would expect you to like?
Hm.... As I said above, "The Shawshank Redemption". One of the best movies ever!!! I think that people think that all home-schoolers are the stereotype ones who only wear dresses or skirts, who haven't seen anything of a PG rated movie and stuff. (I WILL have a post on this soon) But I've seen many movies over PG. And this would be one of the best ones ever! 
9. E-mailing, telephoning, texting, or snail mail?
Well, I don't text.... I don't call anyone unless it's my parents..... I don't know what snail mail is.. If it's letters, I don't get any. So I guess emailing. I don't email anyone but me.... But I do get notifications when stories update. I'm not a social bee. I'm an introvert.
10. Describe your dream dress:
Here's three pictures, because I couldn't choose one: 

11. Favorite Biblical name?
For girls, ummmm, I have no clue. Hannah, Rachel, Mary, Esther, Hadassah. For boy names, Samuel, Luke, Matthew, Levi, yeah. I promised myself that my first baby boy would be named Samuel Levi, since Hannah in the Bible had her first son and named him Samuel. My future husband will have to get over that..... ;) 

My nominees are: 

And, ladies, here are your questions: 
Dogs or cats? 
Eponine or Cosette?
What is your favorite kind of cultural food? (Chinese, Mexican, Italian)
One dream role on Broadway? (yes one!)
"One Day More" or "Do You Hear The People Sing?"
"The Phantom of the Opera" or "Love Never Dies"? 
Favorite Book?
What would your ideal first date be?
Where do you find the most beauty of God's creation? (sky, trees, your own home, etc.)
Iced tea or lemonade? 
Who are some of your favorite blogger friends?

Alright, have fun filling all these out! If you've been tagged already, so sorry! Tagging 11 people makes the trip go round faster! Thanks to Lady Éowyn and Natalie for nominating me! 

Au Revoir!


  1. Hey! :) I love reading your answers-to both tags!
    Aw, you don't like berries? I love them. Oh well, to each their own. :)
    I would love ballroom dancing too!
    I'm glad you liked question #3! I wasn't sure to include it or not...glad I did. Oh yes, "Let it Go" is beautiful. I haven't heard any of the others you mentioned though.
    Your dream dresses are lovely! I especially love the white one! :) They're so elegant and classy. Great choices!!
    I love your Biblical names too. Matthew is one of my favorites for a boy.

  2. snail mail = address sent to your home


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