Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey guys. This will be a short post of my utter ramblings. Please go here and sign this petition. The picture above explains everything. It goes for all fandoms. Not just Phantom or Les Mis fandoms. It goes for things like Twilight and The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and Divergent stuff. If this thing doesn't get enough signatures kiss all fan-art, fan-fiction and all kinds of fan-videos goodbye. Just think: ALL OF IT IS GOING BYE-BYE!!!!

This makes me mad. Not because we're banning fangirls from their creativity, but the fact that this (understand me when I say this) so-called "law" IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the use of too many explanation points. But it is. Why can't Obama and the government focus on more important things? Like making laws that every soldier who comes home from fighting for OUR freedom gets their job back, or gets A job? Like out of everything that we could do it improve the world by making laws against soothing, we choose THIS? IT IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!  It makes my blood boil.

Despite me thinking how this is so stupid, I don't want my fan-ficiton to be illegal, or anyone else's. Seriously, who agrees with me? Anyhow, please go sign the petition. We need about 38,000 more by March 19th of THIS YEAR. It's a ridiculous goal, but please go and sign. Then we can go another peaceful year without having to worrying about this stupid law that comes around every year!

Please Go And Sign This Petition And Pass The Word Around! We Can Do It!

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