Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bring In The Books: Touching The Sky by Tracie Peterson

Wow. This is the second book in the Land Of The Lone Star series. All I can say is wow. I loved this book so much. Usually in trilogies, (I know this is a series, but so far there's only three) the second book is my least favorite. But in this case, it's the second best.

Laura Marquardt is a young woman who is still single. She's very serious, intelligent and, just like any older sister should be, very protective of her naive little sister Carissa. Brandon Reid is a retired Union captain. He meets Laura through a misunderstanding in the alley. When he is called to do one last mission for the Union, he meets her again. Now, though this book seems* to be focused on them, it's actually about Carissa, Laura's sister. You see, Carissa is a spoiled brat. Since the Civil War kind of robbed her of her good years (when she was a teenager), meaning that money was short and such and all the good looking young men were fighting, Laura and Carissa's mom has been trying to make up for it. She buys Carissa all the fancy clothes she wants, and lets her have the best of everything. Why, she'll even let Carissa marry after only knowing the man for, what, like a month? Whenever Laura tries to get both her mother and sister to see the dangerous side of things, they both accuse her of being jealous. But throughout the book, Laura sees something dangerous in the man of Malcom Lowe, her sister's fiancé and soon to be husband. So does Brandon. So they team up to find what he's really hiding, and to help Carissa get out of her unhappy abusive marriage.

I loved this book. I loved Laura. She's so level headed and serious. I also loved Brandon. Very kind and caring. Carissa drove me nuts, as she did everyone in the book, I believe. Malcom is a no-good dirty rotten guy. I loved the book, period. Though not as good as Chasing The Sun, this book still earns  4 and a half stars out of five.

I Enjoyed This Book Immensely And I Hope You'll Give It A Try!


  1. This sounds good! Maybe I'll try it sometime!

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