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When You Wish Upon A Star Disney Blog Party ~ My Favorite and Least Favorite Disney Movies

Hello, to all! This is my list of my top ten favorite movies. There will be ten for animated movies and ten for un-animated movies. So, without further ado, here we go:

1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This movie has been my favorite Disney movie of all time. I used to watch this all the time, all the time when I got sick and had to stay in bed. My mom and my sisters thought (and probably still think!) I am obsessed with it, and it's true. I just loved the action, I love the courage that Milo and Kida had. I loved the antagonists, because they were just so mean, just like an antagonist should be. I loved the music and I guess this also sparked my interest in Atlantis. It's not a huge part of my life at all, but when I re-watch the movie, it does make me wonder. So, despite how much I love new Disney movies, this has to be my all-time favorite. It's been the one favorite that I never seem to forget. 

2. Frozen

This is a duh moment. If you follow my Disney Days board on Pinterest, you'll know how much I love this movie. I mean, I really, really, love it. Fist, let's kick off with the characters. My favorite character is a tie. Between Elsa and Olaf, Anna not far behind (probably like .25% behind) I love Elsa, because she is truly like me. I never really saw it until I took a test. But it was just "the test" that determined it. It was the description under it. 

"People see you as a sweet, but complicated person. You don't
open up to others easily and often act in a way outside
the norm. You are loving and extremely loyal.
You have a creative nature and a great intuition."

"You are a bit misunderstood, but underneath that cold
exterior you're a powerful, caring, kind-hearted person.
You'll do anything to protect those closest to you,
even if that means sacrificing your own happiness.
Fortunately, your powers will ultimately work for
the greater good." 

Anyways, the top one describes me the best. I didn't believe it until I saw it. But now I see it. Olaf, who doesn't love Olaf? He's adorable and helpful and caring. Besides, who doesn't want a snowman pal? Anna, is so quirky and adorkable, I just love her. Kristoff is a great character, though I don't know why everyone loves him so much. I mean, I do, but just not as much as other people. Hans. Hans, I don't have anything to say about him. The Duke of Weaseltown (yes I spelled it wrong, sue me) is just mean. Nothing to say about him either. I loved the music! I just love musicals period. My favorite songs are "Let It Go", "For The First Time In Forever Reprise", "For The First Time In Forever", "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" and "Frozen Heart". My least favorites are "Fixer Upper" and "Love Is An Open Door". I love the scenery, especially Elsa's ice castle. I love what my sister calls "African-sounding music" in the very beginning and the end where Elsa takes all the snow away.

3. Tangled

"Break her heart?" "In half." "Crush her soul?" "Like a grape." ~ "We did it." "Hr hair glows." "We're alive!" "Her hair glows!" "Eugene!" "WHY DOES HER HAIR GLOW?" Haha, some of the best lines in this movie. I loved this movie and I still do. I'm such a Disney junkie, no shame here, sorry. I loved the scenery, though not as great as Frozen. I loved the characters. Rapunzel is great. Young, free-spirited and she has a heart of gold. There's not much more to say than that. Oh, did I mention that she's wanted to see the floating lights all her life? And that she's super awesome with a frying pan? Anyways, onto Flynn Rider ahem Eugene Fitzherbert. I loved him. He was so carefree as a thief/orphan, but throughout the story, we see him grow to be a caring young man, and he even goes back to just being Eugene. I love him. And now we come to Javert. I mean, uh, ahem, Maximus. But seriously, someone on Pinterest pointed it out and know I'm like "I know right?!" He devotes his time to tracking down Eugene. They make up in the end. Mother Gothel, the antagonist. I love singing "Mother Knows Best". She truly is one of the best villains. Pascal is just that little helpful sidekick, and though silent, he's awesome. This movie was a little darker than I expected, same with Frozen. I didn't mind it at all, but it just seemed a little darker than Disney's usual hit animated movie. Anywho, this is by far, one of my favorites. 

4. Hercules

Yay! I love this movie! It's another "oldie" like Atlantis. I used to watch this every single time that I went over to my Aunt's house. I didn't care if it froze or not! I usually had to wait forever until it would skip ahead a little and unfreeze. It' about the Greek "god" Hercules, and how he became immortal and has to get back to his real home on Mount Olympus. I love him, because he seems like such a relate to and realistic character. He has his flaws, his struggles, his strengths (literally) and his weaknesses. Meg is another main character. She's feisty and a I-don't-need-a-man's-help kind of woman. I love her. Seriously, she's one of the best female Disney characters ever. Phil and Pegasus speak for themselves. Though I don't believe in Greek "gods and goddesses" it's still a fun good watch for the family. 

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This movie. I love this movie, despite it being sad and depressing now that I've read the real book by Victor Hugo. Thanks a lot Monsieur Hugo. Quasimodo is so much like Erik from POTO. Quasimodo is in a way deformed, he's hunchbacked and he can't hear. I think he has like one eye or something. He;s been hidden away from the real world in the Notre Dame Cathedral in the bell tower by his "master" Judge Claude Frollo A.K.A. jerk of a guy. Esmeralda is another main character and she's another one of my favorite female characters. She so strong and smart and caring. Phoebus, love him in the movie, I'd slap him in the book if I got the chance. Clopin is another favorite of mine in this movie, and the gargoyles are too. I love the music and the sights of Paris are stunning!

6. Beauty and the Beast

Ahh. What a breath of delight. I love this movie. Belle has always been my favorite princess. I love the Beast. Oh, how this movie now reminds me of POTO. Can't you just see it? But I guess Belle could see past the appearance, unlike Christine. The music is beautiful, like any musical really. I love Lumiere , 'cause let's face it, he's the real deal. Though I had never been a fan of Cogsworth (I thought he was a party crasher) I still love Chip and Mrs. Potts. Annnnddddd "No one shoots like Gaston!" and "No one eats five dozen eggs like Gaston". I know these aren't in the real order or anything, but seriously, no one does. 

7. Pocahontas

Ah, what a story. This is a good movie. And all y'all can get upset that Pocahontas really fell in love with John Rolfe, but it's a kids movie. Don't take it so seriously. Anyways, I love this songs in the movie. Especially the deleted song "If I Never Knew You". I love Meeko, too. Just the story is a nice one. 

8. Brave

"I don't want to get married! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset." Best line ever! I love this movie. I know Merida's bratty behaviour throws it off, but it's still a good lesson for mothers and daughters. I love the action and adventure and it's another darkish movie, but I don't care! I love the songs like "Learn Me Right" and "Into The Opera Air". Though not really keen on "fate" or "destiny" other than that, it's fine. 

9. The Emperor's New Groove

"Boom Baby!" "It's my birthday gift to me! I'm so happy!" "Pull the lever, Kronk! WRONG LEVERRRRRR!" Who doesn't love this movie. About a self-absorbed llama, ahem, I mean emperor Kuzco, on his journey with a "whiny peasant" named Pacha, an eveil wanna-be empress named Yzma and her sidekick Kronk? It's a hilarious flick about all that. Where that llama learns how to be less self-absorbed and all. 

10. Up

"I was hiding under your porch because I love you. May I stay?" Aww, Doug. I love this beginning of this movie. A silent like 8-minute short of Carl and Ellie's love life is still better than all the Twilight books and films put together. It's such a sweet sad story. I love Russell. Just a happy optimistic kid of happiness. And let is not forget about Kevin!

Least Favorite Animated Movies: 

1. Alice In Wonderland

Ugh. This movie, I still dislike very strongly to this day. I can't describe how I feel about it, other than i don't like it. It's creepy and when I first watched it, confusing. I mean the Cheshire Cat and the mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. I don't get into that kind of stuff. At all. 

2. Pinocchio 

Same as Alice and Wonderland. I really don't care for it at all. 

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is definitely my least favorite Disney Princess movie. The evil queen is relentless and creepy. The dwarfs are just dwarfs and Snow White, well, she's still practically a child at 14! And the prince is nothing special either. I mean all he does is sing to her and kiss her lifeless lips. At least Prince Phillip fought for his princess! Seriously!

4. The Jungle Book

Um, boring, weird, not a fan at all. 

5. The Jungle Book Two

Announcing the sequel to boring, weird and not a fan at all #2!

6. The Fox and the Hound

I don't know why, but this is makes the list. I also don't like how they grow up at the end, but in the sequel they're young! Makes no sense at all. 

7. Dumbo

This is kind of a eh movie. I remember as a kid that the "Elephants On Parade" scenes CREEPED ME OUT!! It was just weird. 

8. Bambi 

The same as Fox And The Hound. Just a "I don't know how it made it onto this list, but it did" movie. It even did the same grow up in the first film, be a kid in the sequel. Really weird.

9. All Winnie The Pooh Movies

I just don't get into these. usually for childhood movies like this it should be like "aww, I remember these. They still have a special place in my chart." I'm really, really, sorry, but not for me. 

Favorite Unanimated Disney Movies:

1. All The Chronicles Of Narnia

I love all of this movies. I'm just glad that the movie was better than the book! 

2. Remember the Titans

Where do I start with this movie? My dad introduced us to this movie a long time ago. I love it. It's a true story of how a black man and his team join a white man and his all-white team and how they learn to work together. They find out, that they are all the same and the colour of skin doesn't matter at all. They learn to be a family. I've already claimed this for when I go off into the world. :)

3. Miracle

"Again." *Whistle blows* "Again." *Whistles blows* Wow. Just another really good true story of how the American hockey team finally won a gold medal in the Olympics. This another one of this inspirational "wow" movies. 

4. National Treasure

Action and adventure. Speed and thrill. That's what I love about this movie. And, it actually makes American history look fascinating. So, I love it. I especially love Riley! He's such a good hilarious chap. 

5. Newsies

"Who can hear that lousy whistle blow? Because the world WILL know!" Mwaahhhaahhaa. I don't have to say anything about this, because you all should know why I love this. 

6. Lemonade Mouth

Okay, okay. I know this isn't a "Disney" movie. So before you all jump on me, just lettin' ya know that I know. I kinda ran out of movies. But I'll bet I'll think of a million others after this blog party. I love this movie. It's a Disney Channel Original movie. It's about five average high school kids who meet in detention and become a band. A great movie about friendship and standing up for what you believe in. 

7. Starstruck

Ah, another cheesy Disney Channel Original movie. It's about a average girl from Michigan who goes with her sister and parents to Hollywood, California to visit their grandma. But after a mishap with a teenage heartthrob, the girl (I must add, she doesn't like this celebrity at all) find that the guy isn't so bad at all. Typical cheesy love story. Figures. That's probably why I like it. 

8. Sky High 

Yes! Another one of my old favorites. A fantasy film about superheroes who go to a high school in the sky, only for kids with super powers. They learn how to use their power and such. They defeat evil and everything! 

9. Enchanted

Hehehe. What a movie. Half animated and half not. With a quirky head-in-the-clouds princess, a serious down-to-earth divorce lawyer and an evil stepmother, what a movie! Just watch it, and you'll see why I love it. 

10. Holes

"D-I-G. What's that spell?" *hits with shovel* "Dig!" I love this movie. I love the story of "Kissin' Kate Barlow". The story is about this young kid who falsely gets convicted of a crime that he did not commit. He goes to a camp on Texas where you have to dig in the hot sun until the warden is satisfied. While there, he meets some friends, but one is very peculiar. I can't tell you anymore, because you'll just have to watch it to find out! 

I Hope You Enjoyed My Slight Reviews Of These Movies, Both The Bad And The Good!

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