Saturday, October 11, 2014

And So, My Life Is Hectic

You know, you'd think that I would get tired of talking about myself, and I do. Most of the time. Some of the time..... Well, anyways, I just thought that I would let you know what has been going on in my life. And don't hesitate to tell me about yours! Anyways, first trimester is about to end..... November 7th, I think. That may seem a long ways away, but time has gone so fast for me right now, that I'm freaking out. Freaking out just because I don't want to switch trimesters. I mean, I love first trimester, I love the friends I've made and I even like all of my subjects except two (Geography and English). But I guess I'll make new friends...... I guess...... I can't wait for third trimester, because it's quite a bit like first. 

So, I tried out for the school play, which was You Can't Take It With You. Unfortunately I didn't get a part or an understudy (most parts went to seniors, juniors, and sophomores) but my friend got the main part of Kolenkhov. I expected to not get in, with me being a freshman, so now I work behind the stage in BPAC Tech. We set up for the plays, musicals, orchestra concerts and choir concerts. It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun. 

All of my grades this trimester are 'A's'. So I'm happy about that. 

We've watched some awesome movies this year, such as "Heaven is For Real", "Lone Survivor" and "Belle". If you haven't watched these movies, then you need to. 

I haven't exacting been slammed too badly with homework. Ceramics, I'm in a way, ahead in, I did my entire vocabulary already, so I didn't have to cut and make vocab. cards or do my book for about three or so weeks. It was just getting bothersome, so I just did it all. Algebra Advanced doesn't give homework. Today, I had two quizzes in ceramics, our last vocab. quiz before the final one for more points, a unit exam in Geography.... and that's about it. Our fall choir concert is on Monday.... We are SO NOT READY. I'm talking the Beginning Choir. SO. NOT. READY. God, please help us. Please. 

If you want to see some school pictures, you can get on Instagram to see them. My account name is on the sidebar. 

I've been writing fanfiction to try to get out of my writer's block. I mean, I've had writer's block for almost over a year. It's been killing me. But, you know what they say: To get out of writer's block, you have to WRITE. So I've been writing Les Mis fanfiction. I just wrapped up my Joly/Eponine/Jehan/Azelma one and now I am writing a Feuilly/OC one and posting them on Instagram and when I'm done writing them. If you have been keeping up with Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams, I'm sorry for no updates. I haven't been able to write anything for that story. 

This year at our school, they are having NaNoWriMo. I am joining to try to write a novel in one month. I was going to enter my "The Last Dance", but if (IF) I win and get five free copies, I'm going to get sued by John Green and Lurlene McDaniel for copyright and plagiarism because my book sounds too identical to "The Fault In Our Stars" and "Last Dance". But, TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST, I had never even heard of TFIOS until the movie trailer released or "Last Dance" until last year, and I wrote my novel a year before that. But still, I'm not taking any chances. So, here is the "Back of the book" or plot of my novel that I THINK I am going to write. 

Also, leave some feedback on what you think of it so far! Fingers crossed that I will complete it in time!!

Also, some books that I've read since the school year started to you might want to read: 
1. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Mandatory for English) Rating: 4 out of 5
This book is so sad. Really it is. But I loved it. 

2. Forged By Fire by Sharon Draper (Choice Book for English) 4 3/4 out of 5
Wow. I actually loved this book. Full of mostly great characters and a great plot. 

3. Rocket Boys (Choice Book for English) 2 out of 5
Ugh. This book..... I usually like autobiographies and biographies, but this one was, well, really boring. I mean, I had to take book tests of all of my choice books and this one sank me for sure. I had to read Forged By Fire to make up for that, but I'm glad that I got to read FBF. 
4. Where the Heart Is (Choice Book for English) 1/2 out of 5
Ick. Ick. Ick. That's about all I have to say about this book. I won't even start on how much I don't like this book. I only chose it because I knew that I would do well on the test. 

So that is my life write now, in a nutshell. I promise you that I have not abandoned this blog, I promise you that I'm not ready to give this up. Even though posts are scarce, I'm still trying to make it work. 

I love all of my readers and remember to check out Instagram or for my fanfiction, and please give me some feedback on my "Back of the book" cover. 


  1. Wow, your school is doing You Can't Take it With You? That is so cool! Have you seen the movie? I love it, it's one of my favorites.
    Good luck with everything you're trying to do right now! :)

  2. I love "You Can't Take it With You" too. I think your book blurb is most interesting, and I can't wait to hear more about the story!

  3. Hey Anna! Your book summary looks amazing! And I was reading Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams, do you think you'll ever pick it back up? Also, love your blog! Please check out my review of Phantom 25th here:
    And tell me how it is, if I'm an awful reviewer, and if you want me to put a review of LND.
    You can put your comments in my Ask me anything.


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