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Character Interview: Alex, Ethan, and Evelyn

Hey everyone! After my Writings on the White Fence, I decided to do something that I've never done before; character interviews! Problem was, I couldn't decided which character to do. Which is why I'm going to make a "three part character interview" where I'll just interview them all at one time. That could be dangerous, though..... I'll take my chances. First of all, I'll show you what my characters look like (in my head at least):
*DISCRETION* I do not own any of the PHOTOS of my characters. I found them on Pinterest.

Alex: The Engineer
He has more brawn than brain, logic over reason, etc.
Ethan: The Hacker
He has a lot more brains than brawn, but he's okay at fighting.
Evelyn: The Navigator and Medic
A fighter in spirit but not in skill. Newest member of the Abnegation Rebels.

Me: Alright you guys, are you ready for this? 
Alex: *Peers at my laptop* What are you using? This is so outdated!!!! Ethan, look at what she's using! *smacks Ethan's shoulder*
Ethan: Hm? *Adjusts his glasses* Oh wow. That is ancient. You need some major upgrades. *Picks up my iPhone 5* Why can't I just look up a picture of food and press a button and it's there? 
Evelyn: *takes iPhone 5 out of Ethan's hand* Guys, focus. Interview going on here. 
Me: Thanks, Ev.
Evelyn: Hey, no one calls be Ev but Bennett.
Me: Sorry...... Okay, if you were to have to forfeit one of your rebels, who would you forfeit? 
Alex and Ethan: BENNETT!
Evelyn: (while Alex and Ethan yell) Charlotte!
Me: Um, okay.... Why? 
Alex: Because he's a freaking idiot, that's why.
Ethan: He thinks he knows everything, but he doesn't. We only keep him because he knows how to use a sword............ Now that I think of it, that could be a dangerous thing.......
Evelyn: Guys, there's got to be some good in Bennett.... *crickets chirp as Evelyn thinks* Nope, never mind. I don't like Charlotte; she hates me for absolutely no reason! I didn't do anything to her. And if I could forfeit another rebel, it would be Cynthia. Bye-bye to most of my troubles.Why did you even put them in this book?
Me: *Shrugs* I needed some more characters. (Lies)

Me: Okay, next question, if you were stranded alone for the rest of your life- Evelyn, you can't use your Navigation to get out of this, out of all of you, who would die first?
Ethan: *Raises his hand*
Evelyn: *Tries to put Ethan's hand down* That is so not true. I probably would. Especially without my navigation.
Alex: (Extremely confident) I wouldn't. I'd make it until the end. Either that or I'd just fall down and wait for death to relieve my pain of hunger and loneliness without Amy.
Evelyn: You're an idiot.

Me: Moving on, what would happen if the Power successfully takes over all of California's minds and starts on New York? 
Alex: This world will end, like literally. Everyone will literally be the walking dead. *Smirks* No pun of the television show way back when.
Ethan: They'll all be robots with the Power and the Pawns controlling their minds.
Evelyn: Yeah, what they said. 

Me: Who is the person you'd miss most if they were killed? 
Evelyn: Ethan. Ethan without a doubt. I think I'd curl into a ball and cry for an hour straight. *Hugs Ethan*
Ethan: *Hugs back* I'm so loved.
Alex: Wow, Evelyn. I feel the love.
Evelyn: You know I like you............ But you also know that I love Ethan way more. *Hands up in defense* Emily's cool with it.
Alex: I'd miss myself if I died.
Evelyn: *Slaps Alex upside the head* Alex!
Alex: Okay, okay. I'd miss Ethan or Amy the most.
Ethan: I'd miss Emily if she died. I don't know how I'd go on living.

Me: If you could successfully overtake the Power, what would you do for the people?
Alex: Uh, what we're trying to do now. First, we'd round up everyone and give them our pill, and then we'd work on getting life back to the way it should be.
Evelyn: What about the rest of the world?
Alex: We're only responsible for California. Not New York, not Great Britain, not China, just California. They can deal with their own problems.
Me: Ethan, you have anything to say?
Ethan: Hm? I'm communicating with Emily. 
Me: *Sighs*

Me: If you end up getting caught by the Power, what will you do?
Alex: *Fold arms across chest* I'm not even going to think about that, because I'm not going to get caught.
Ethan: I guess I'll just die......
Evelyn: *Shrugs* Probably just get tortured until they kill me.
Me: You guys are such an optimistic, happy bunch.... *growls and rips up list of questions*
Alex: Hey, mine was optimistic.
Evelyn: Oh Anna, you know I strive to be optimistic. Not.

Me: Ugh. Okay, if there's one thing that you could go back and change, what would it be?
*All three are silent*
Ethan: I'd probably go back to save my mom from that house fire. I could have done something, you know?
Evelyn: I have too many to list..... I'm not answering this, because it's my personal business.
Alex: I'd probably go back and grab my little brother to take with me here. I left him behind..... And I still regret it to this day. Either that or I would have run away sooner.

Me: Okay, let's get on a happier note. Um, if you had to switch rings for one day, what would you switch to?
Evelyn: Hm.... Okay, I'm a Navigator. I'd be a terrible Engineer, a terrible Swordsman, an okay Hacker, and an okay Survivalist. I'd probably be an Archer.
Alex: I like being an Engineer...... I'd probably switch to being a Hacker.
Ethan: I'm a Hacker, but I think that I'd want to switch to be an Engineer.

What's the worst ring you could wear?
Alex: Archer.
Ethan: Survivalist or Swordsman.
Evelyn: Swordsman.

Me: If you came face to face with the Power what would you say to him?
Alex: *Scoffs* Nothing that I can say on your clean, Christian blog.
Me: O-okay then...
Ethan: Same
Evelyn: I guess I would just ask him one question.
Me: Which would be?
Evelyn: (Quietly) Why? Why would you do this to us?

Me: Okay, let's just go basic now. What's your favourite season and why?
Alex: Spring. New grass, new buds, grrrreeeeat fighting weather.
Ethan: Proabably the autumn. I get to wear my jeans and plaid button-ups. 
Evelyn: Fall or winter. I have too many allergies in the spring. 

Me: If you hate Bennett so much, than why is he still here in the Abnegation Rebels?
Alex: I-He-We- ugh. If you ever tell Bennett I said this, I'll will literally beat you up, Evelyn.
Evelyn: Ooh. I have bullets against you. Alright, I won't tell.
Alex: We need him. He's our best swordsman and our best swordsman teacher. That's the only reason we keep him around. 
Ethan: Yeah. I mean, he's pretty mediocre in everything else. I mean, even Evelyn does way better than him.
Evelyn: Hey! I'm pretty okay. Bennett, he- well-
Alex: Evelyn, you need to get over him.
Evelyn: I am over him!
Alex: It doesn't sound like it. You still write about him, you still think about him, you need to let him go. He's an idiot and you don't deserve that.
Evelyn: Agh.
Ethan: Yeah, Evelyn, you could do so much better. 

Me: Okay, let's wrap this up. One more question.. What is your plan for defeated the Power?
Alex: Divide
Evelyn and Ethan: and Conquer.

I hope that everyone liked the interview, and hopefully Alex, Ethan, and Evelyn didn't argue too much for you guys! 

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  1. Ahhh, this was so great, Anna! This interview really helped me understand your characters' personalities. I think my favorite is Alex. He's really funny! (the "I'd miss myself if I died." line was really good haha)
    I'm also curious now about the other characters you hinted at....Emily, Amy, Bennett....and what are the rings? (If you'd rather not share that due to spoilers or such, I'd understand. :))
    The one question about "what would you change" was really sad. I feel so bad for them! But I really love the camaraderie your characters share. :)
    Great job!!


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