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Cinderella Tag! Hosted By: Heidi Peterson from Along the Brandywine

Hello my stars! Instead of messing around, I'll get right to business this time. I found out about this awesome party from my fellow blogger Natalie. It's a Cinderella themed blog party hosted by Heidi Peterson from Along the Brandywine  that looked too good to pass up. This is the tag that was required and I had so much fun filling in with my answers. You should probably expect a post every day; I'll be letting out potentially two/three reviews of some type of Cinderella movie. After the party is done, I'll go back to posting every two/three/four days. 

*rubs hands* So here we go!

1. In the vast array of fairytale heroines, what particular character qualities most define Cinderella? 
I believe that her kindness defines hers. She's known for her kindness and her good spirit. And I believe that it's something to admire. True, she only needed a fairy god-mother, a grand dress, carriage, and a nice pair of glass slippers to win over the prince, but she had a hard life before that. It's nice to see that she had patience and that she kept her good spirit and remained kind even to her step-sisters and her step-mother through all of this. That takes some character, let me tell you. I don't think I could have put up with it without getting rebellious.......... or even playing a few tricks on them........

2. What are some of the deeper, big picture differences you see between retellings where both stepsisters are nasty and others where one is nasty and one is kind? How do you think the two takes differently develop/illuminate/affect Cinderella’s character and also the overarching story itself?
When I see the films and movies where both step-sisters are mean, I guess I don't question it. After all, I believe that the first Cinderella I had seen was the Disney one where both of them were mean (That was before Cinderella two and three came out). But then when I had seen some with one of her step-sisters being nice, I liked it. It almost seemed more believable. Because I believe there is such a good chance that at least one of them is bound to almost admire Cinderella for her good spirits and kind nature. And, like in Ever After, I believe that it is possible for one sister to out-shine the other, and there's a good chance that the one feels one step below her sister and one step above Cinderella, so it would be somewhere in the middle.

3. Are you an animal lover? Would you eagerly count mice, lizards, cows, and geese as friends? Dogs and cats? 
Hm..... to be honest, I'm not sure. I've had at least four rabbits, but have never grown super attached to them.... I'm allergic to cats (and I don't like them) and I've been allergic to dogs so long that even though I am not now, I still don't like them near me. I would gladly welcome geese, cows, horses (even though I'm allergic to them too), or hedgehogs..... or even turtles as friends..... So I guess I qualify under a "picky animal lover"

4. After asking question #3, I realized how remarkably many of the adaptations I’ve seen have Cinderella either horseback riding or involved with horses. Have you ever ridden? If so, have you ever ridden sidesaddle or bareback? 
Actually, I am very allergic to horses. But now that I've been getting allergy shots for some years, I have actually ridden a horse before. I didn't ride side saddle or bare-back. I would just ride the regular way, straddling the horse in the saddle.

5. Your favorite Cinderella dress/s? 
Ahhhh. I'd have to say the new dresses from the live action Cinderella and Danielle's dress from Ever After. Also Aurora's dress from La Cenerentola, but it's so unknown, that I couldn't find a full length photo and it's been taken down from Youtube.

Ah, it's so puffy!

I love this one, because it's modern and fairy-tale-ish all wrapped in one dress

Aww, she looks so happy and so beautiful...... 

This was the best photo I could find..... I love her mask as well as her dress

6. Do you ever think of Cinderella while doing your household chores? :)
Hm.... I'm sure I did once, because way back when I was writing my own country Cinderella version. But usually when I do chores now, I think of the song "It's a Hard Knock Life" from "Annie" the musical. :)

7. What major character traits do you think are essential in a faithful prince? 
Um........... I want to say honesty, but ya know, Kit didn't exactly tell the whole truth, nor did he tell a lie. Well, I'll be shallow *hides face is superb shame* and say he has to look decent (I mean who in all truth and honesty wants to marry an ugly guy?), but you know, most of all, not super judgmental, kind, respectful, he has to have a heart as wide as his kingdom is......... He must have a sense of loyalty to his subjects and to his kingdom. 

8. Your top THREE favorite fairy tales (as in the original folk tales, not adaptations). 
This is a hard question. I know for sure that Beauty and the Beast would be among them.... But I'm not sure for the rest. The Grimm version of Cinderella kind of creeps me out, with the step-sisters cutting of parts of their feet to fit into the slipper. Mulan would probably be second... And I don't know if I could name a third.

9. Your top FIVE current favorite fairy tale/legend type films (BESIDES any Cinderella adaptations). 
Fairy tales.... I would say that Beauty and the Beast. I don't know many legends..... But I love the Disney film of Hercules and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I don't know if these would count, but I'm just going to leave them. I guess I'm not a super grand fairy-tale or legend type of person. But admittedly, I have a huge interest in Greek mythology (though I don't believe in it) and deep down, I believe that Atlantis could have existed.

10. If you could play Cinderella and the story could be set in any region of the world and any time period, what would you pick? And what would your dream ‘ball gown’ for it be like? 
Ooh. I think that it would be set in France in the 1880s. And none of my dresses go with the time period, so maybe I could be the straight-forward new trend setter. ;) I am an indecisive person, and I couldn't choose between three dresses, though I'd probably go for the first........

This dress is so beautiful. I actually screen shot these when I had an Instagram account
This is just the back view

This dress is also so beautiful. I love blue and mint/ice blue anyways, so there's a 97% chance that my dress would be a form of blue

One last choice for my dress
 11. And (purely for fun :))… what color/s do you immediately associate with Cinderella?
Hm. I associate blue, white, fucshia pink, and greenish-yellow. Blue for Cinderella's dress, fucshia pink for Anastasia, greenish-yellow for Drizella, and white for the fairy godmother.

So, here are my answers for the tag! I hope you enjoy them and be sure to tell me some of your answers or what you think of mine in the comments!

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  1. Heehee, I agree! I don't know how I could handle having such an awful step-family. I know I unfortunately wouldn't be as strong nor as kind as Cinderella!!

    Ohh, isn't the wedding dress just gorgeous? And you're right-it does have a modern touch. It could easily be a nowadays wedding dress.

    Heehee!! "He has to look decent." Haha, that definitely helps a lot. ;)

    Oh! I love Disney's Hercules too! I mean, you know, some of it is rather....I don't know SOMETHING, but overall it's such a great story with amazing characters and character growth. :)


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