Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On My Mind Lately

Hey all! Okay, so I'm still not completely secure and ready to start regulating my posts again. Just think: May 6th, May 6th, May 6th. Then I should be okay.

But, update on my life: 

Auditions went as well as they could. Me and most of my good friends made it into the second highest choir (concert choir). Woot woot. 

Photography is still a daily struggle of "Do I want to work and maintain and A?" and "I need an A because I'm bound and determined to get into the top ten in my class, so I guess I'll work." 

Our local fair is coming up, and I am SO NOT READY for that either. Sure it's in July, but two clubs and getting all of my stuff done is proving to be slightly stressful. 

School is almost over. And when I say almost, I mean 4-5 weeks. But with this darn AP exam for US History coming up, it feels like it's coming a lot faster........ 

Homework has been a steady stream of US History, English (that I do either in that hour or my first), and a bit of out-of-class photography and some French.

French is HARD right now. Does anyone know any easier way of explaining the difference of passé composé and imparfait?! I looked it up on the internet and my teacher has tried on several (SEVERAL) occasions to distinguish the difference, but to no avail. Like, when I read about it, I get it, but when it comes to putting it into a sentence, it's not helpful. I have never (truly, never) struggled with French until this came up. And it's getting on my perfectionist nerves. But, to end on a slightly humour-ish note, I have a story for you all. 

So, the day is Tuesday, the 26th of April. 4th period French. I have a partner in French, because a lot of our work has to do with partners (hearing and speaking the language). So we first got assigned seats and partners, but Madame relented and let us pick our partners, so long as we worked and got along. Both me and my partner chose each other because it was a no brainer of who to choose. It's a relatively small class and it's basically full of a lot of people we both don't like. :) Anyways, for this post, I'll call him Cameron. Anyways, I've known Cameron since............ The very beginning of my freshman year! Wow...... He was one of the first people I met since being in high school that I didn't already know. We had ceramics I together in the first trimester. That seems like such a long time ago. 

Fast forward to the near present. In second tri of this school year, I used to go by Madame's class and visit people I knew. My old elementary comrade and Cameron were in this class. So I knew that Cameron and I had, like, one in four chances to be in the same class. (Or so I thought. It ended up being a complete 50/50) So, this tri, we chose each other as partners and it's been pretty smooth sailing since. Anyways, Cameron never arrives until the bell almost rings and I arrive early. I grabbed my binder and went to my seat. Now, just to be mean, I'll put my feet on his seat until he comes and I'm forced *sigh* to give him his seat back. But today, I completely underestimated where my seat was and completely fell on my backside; hard. I laughed it off and another classmate started laughing as well. It was pretty comical. But not ten minutes later did I start to feel the pain! I guess it's what I get for being a mean person! Haha. I mean, it's not the first time falling in public, but this one hurt more than the others. Luckily, I saved face and laughed it off, but trust me, I felt the pain. 

Rule of Life Number 181: Always look twice before you decided to plop on a chair.

Anyways, this is just a little update of my life. 

Things to expect soon: Phantom of the Opera review of a different version of a movie, maybe a Great Gatsby review, and a little bit of everything. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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