Sunday, May 1, 2016

Photography {Food!}

Hey everyone! So, no important posts for this week. I have five days until my exam and I am completely stressing out. I am throwing this post together as I type. 

But, here are some photos from my latest "photo shoot" for my photography class. I took them at 10 o'clock at night the night before they were due (I had two weeks, but procrastinated) and turned them in with two hours to spare (before she changed the time). Hope you enjoy them! I like them a lot for not even trying. (Basically just took random shots from different angles and they turned out pretty decent) You can probably spot the ones where I finally got lazy and stopped trying even more than I was.......

*Please do not use my photos without permission! If you do, please ask and give credit!*

Also, some of my photos (four) were selected to put in our school art show (without my knowledge and selected by my teacher) One of them was a quote photograph, but it has me in it, so I won't be posting it. But the quote I used was "The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within us" by Edgar Allan Poe. There is a different version of this quote also by him, but I didn't discover that until just now. So anyways..... The one with my piano won third place, so *cue London Tipton voice* Yay me!


  1. I love the M&M one and the tea cup one...and the chocolate chip photo is seriously making me crave chocolate. :D Congratulations on winning third! Great job!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Natalie. It was weird to see that four of my photos made it. Because, like, I'm not even really trying...... I hold the camera at odd angles and don't even look into the scope/screen or whatever it's called. I just hold it and go 'click, click, blip, blip, snap snap' and really good photos come out. It's nice to see how great they look when you're not even trying! :)

    2. Haha! Isn't that funny when the most "careless" photos turn out to be great? Sometimes, to get that unique angle I can't look at the screen as I'm taking the picture (usually flowers that are super low to the ground) but I don't seem to have as good luck with it as you do. :)

  2. The focus on the M&M one is excellent! (I have such a hard time taking pictures at night!)


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