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Celebrate Musicals Week: Day 5 Fun Trivia

This is a little test/quiz that I made up. You can write your answers in to my questions in the comments box! It's a list of 10 questions, and I'll give my answers too! I don't want anyone to feel that they should answer the questions by my own answers. Share what you think!!!

1. Sierra Bogess Or Emmy Rossum?
Okay, I think everyone who has read my blog and all of it's posts on Phantom should know this answer!!!! Emmy Rossum!!!! No, no, no, I'm so just kidding! Sierra Boggess will always be my favorite and the perfect Christine! I know Sierra's voice 10x better than Emmy's. I'll give some reasons for anyone who might be horrified by my answer :). Emmy Rossum did nearly no acting. She didn't look sad or desperate going to her Father's grave, she had no emotion when Erik took her to his lair. Nothing was there. And, I do not really care for her voice. I don't know how to explain why I don't like it without sounding really rude.......There's something about it. I don't like the way to she "The Phantom of the Opera". She seems to rush it too much. Sierra's version is my favorite. Her voice is stunning (yes I do know Emmy has opera training and Sierra is trained for musical theatre) and I could see all of her emotions. Stage or set, you should still "feel" the character you are playing. It's important, it's vital. You could see how Sierra was desperate to hear her father's voice, scared at the beginning of "All I Ask Of You", turning from playing her part of being seductive to being fearful of Erik in "Past The Point Of No Return". This is the reason why I like Sierra Better. 

2. Ramin Karimloo or Gerard Butler?
I will sum this up since answer 1 was rather long. When I think of a creepy genius with the voice of an angel, I think dark, low and mysterious. Not high. Gerard Butler's voice is high and I don't care for it. Yes, I've done my research, I know he only got four voice lessons before the movie. But that's not my fault or his is it? He was completely emotionless in "Stranger Than You Dreamt It", while Ramin went from angry, to hopeful, to just helpless. Ramin acting skills are much better, too.

3. Stage or Movie?
First, about the question, it can be any stage production. The movie that I am referring to is the 2004 one with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler. For me, it's the stage version. Hopefully I don't have to put which one it is, because in all of my posts I've made it quite clear. 

4. Do You Ship Raoul/Christine or Erik/Christine
My defending post about Erik should let everyone know. ERIK!!!!!!!

5. Hadley Fraser or Patrick Wilson?
Hadley Fraser. Plain and Simple. Patrick Wilson's a good singer, but Hadley is a great singer. I didn't like Patrick Wilson's wig for one thing, too. Sometimes I think people who perform on Broadway have better acting skills than some better known actors and actresses. 

6. How Do You Feel About "Love Never Dies"
Wellllllll, the time has come for my opinion. I love the score, it's absolutely beautiful. The story......Well, it's not the brightest thing that Andrew Lloyd Webber has came up with. I've always wanted Erik and Christine to be together, but turning Raoul into a gambling drunk, Meg into a jealous witch, Madame Giry into an evil woman and Christine dying was not part of the plan. 

7. What Are Your Feelings On The B0ok?
Beautiful. But it seems always to be better the second time around. :). Christine and Raoul are quite childish and Erik is just creepy. Listening into their conversation at the top of the Paris Opera House. That's taking stalking to another level. The ending is so sad!!! (Sob here)

8. Overall Perspective Of Christine Daaé? (Book)
Well, for one she's very childish. And she just is a tiny bit annoying, but for the most part, I liked her. 

9. Overall Perspective Of Raoul? (Book)
Raoul is your overall rich "good man" person. He's very kind and caring. Rich too, I'll just throw that in because it's just the truth. He cares very deeply for Christine, and tries to show that in many ways. It takes him quite a while to prove it, I may add. He goes down to rescue Christine with the Persian, offering to sacrifice his life for her. Overall, I like him. 

10. Overall Perspective Of Erik? (Book)
Gah!!!! What can I say about Erik?? He's a murdering, psycho genius. (Mumbles and kicks stone here) He should have gotten Christine in the end....... For me, I pity him terribly. That's all I'm going to say. 

I hoped you enjoyed the questions and reading my answers. Once again, don't let my answers effect yours, and answer truthfully. 

Comments Rule:
Please, use good words. Please do not use my comment box as a battle field, people!!!! If you want to prove a point or your opinion use kind words, please!!! 

Tell Me What Your Answers Are!!! Comment Your Thoughts!!!


  1. Gerald Butler's voice=What voice ? LOL. Ramin's voice= MusicHeaven/BestMaleVoiceInTheWorld
    Gerald Butler only having four voice lessons is no excuse since Ramin never had any and can't read a single note. He just has that much talent. Which is why he's such an inspiration ;)

  2. I think it's Gerard.

  3. It won't let me post under my google account without creating a Blogger thing.
    Anyway, here are my answers.
    1. Sierra. Emmy has a pretty voice, but I only saw her acting during spoken lines. Also, she doesn't even hit the high E. Sierra has a gorgeous voice and acts with it. When she takes "Don Juan's" hood off and sees who it is, she seems genuinely shocked, even though it was evident to the audience. And during the AIAOY reprise 2, she's just like "Oh, no! What have I done? What do I do now?" I don't know why I put that, it's just one of my favorite parts.
    2. Is this even a valid question? Ramin, obviously. Although Gerry was fine, and a great deal better than I expected, Ramin is still my favorite. I cried the first time I watched STYDI (Ramin's) (and all subsequent times) and if there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm not a crier-at-movies. Until it comes to PotO.
    3. Stage performances that have been turned into movies for your convenience and probably for other reasons too. AKA the 25th anniversary. Best version ever, IMHO.
    4. This is going to sound really weird.
    Raoul/Christine in original PotO
    Erik/Christine in LND
    This is the weird one: Young Erik/Young Antoinette in the 2004 movie. I have no idea why. I guess because she seems to really care about him and they are the same age. But it couldn't have worked, because they were breaking the law anyway, and they were like 12, and because of Jules. I wonder if Antoinette and Jules were betrothed when she rescued Erik. They were betrothed young back then.
    I know that was unnecessary. Sorry.
    5. Hadley Fraser. Surprised? While I recognize that Patrick Wilson has a good voice, I don't particularly like it. I love Hadley's voice and his acting. His expression on "Of course not!" (Notes, in response to Carlotta's accusation) provokes giggles from me every time. And Patrick's wig was awful, but it doesn't classify him as a "fop." The Hairdresser and Jeweler are fops. Raoul is not. That was a caption on a picture I saw, unfortunately I don't remember where I saw it. So if it belongs to one of you, I'm not stealing your rights or anything.
    6. I haven't seen the whole thing. The first time I read the storyline, I revolted against it, but it's really grown on me. I love the music, except I didn't care for "Bathing Beauty." It sounded too modern-ish.
    7-10. I haven't read the book. I know I should, but I probably need to learn French, because apparently none of the English translations are reliable. That's what I've heard at least, is it true?
    Sorry for the very very long comment. Hope I didn't bore you too much.
    Oh, and I've found LND OLC videos in decent quality, except the Finale is very shaky. Reply if you want a link.


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