Thursday, September 26, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: Day 4: Dream Cast/In Defense Of Erik

(Singing Voice) Dreammmmmm Casttttttt! (Turns Off Singing Voice) Gah, this is so exciting!!! But not all too exciting because it's not really a mix of characters from different productions. They're all in the same one. Yes, my dream cast has already been made. The 25th Anniversary Cast is my favorite.

I've always told you how much I love Sierra, Ramin and Hadley, but now I shall tell you about more of the characters that I love that make the cast complete.

Monsieur André
Monsieur Andre is awesome. Barry James and Gareth Snook are such a good team. I love their version of Notes I and Notes II. Best. Version. Ever.

Monsieur Firmin
Monsieur Firmin is also excellent. Above is my answer also for this.

Madame Giry
Liz Robertson looks so stiff and serious in the 25th. I LOVE  it!!! She seems so serious and very dedicated to serving the Phantom. She is extremely kind to Christine. Needless to say, Liz Robertson is on my dream cast.

Meg Giry
I cannot tell you this. I haven't seen much of the 2004 movie Meg, so I'll go with Daisy Maywood from the 25th. Though she doesn't look like a young ballet dancer, her voice is good.

Definitely Wendy Ferguson. I love her accent and her acting. Her singing is gorgeous!!!!!

In Defense Of Erik
My dream cast post is very short, so I will be adding another subject onto it. Now, we all know how pretty much everyone is Team Raoul. I can proudly assure you that I am not. I am Team Erik. Everyone tells me I'm a person with a big heart, and with my big heart, it pities the Phantom terribly. Though I have already done a defending post, it's still good for people to know which team I stand for. This link goes to my defending post about Erik. Now, I love Raoul. Especially Hadley's but it still doesn't change how I feel about Erik/Christine and Raoul/Christine. Everyone says "Oh, I do pity the Phantom, but Raoul is so handsome, and is a great guy and he's a vicomte! He's rich!" For me, money doesn't matter. There was so many things Erik could have done differently, but would anything else work to get Christine to love him? NO. That is the truth. NO. 

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