Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: Day 3: Costume Comparisions

Now, I first saw this on Pinterest. It was a costume comparison on Christine's attire. Ranging from her "Think Of Me" costume to her "All I Ask Of You" costume. Now I'm leaving it up to you! Which costumes do you like better? Stage or Movie?

 Okay, I absolutely love the stage version of the "Think Of Me" costume! The vibrant colors, it just seems really nice. The movie's version just seems kind of "eh"ish. It's a mellow color of brown with a tiny tiny tiny hint of red.

Wow. Both are very nice, but one is very beautiful. The play is called "Hanniball". I think the stage outfit suits the play best with it's vibrant colors. If it was for some kind of ball, the movie costume would have won. But for the story, well, it's definitely the stage I prefer.

Okay, I couldn't find a picture of Sierra Boggess' costume for "All I Ask Of You", Because that is my absolute favorite. So, people, just imagine that the stage version is Sierra Bogess' dress and cape in your mind. The mint green cape and the lavenderish dress compliment each other so well!!

Okay, this one could be a possible tie. It's kind of a toss up. Emmy's dress is beautiful, no doubt, but I love the stage version. The dress, it looks like a pink camel with two humps in the back. The stage costume is nice and puffy, and I love how the color changes for indigo to light purple to a pretty pink. And this is coming from a girl who despises most shades of pink!!! But I love the crown and the wand, so I'm in for the stage costume. The movie dress wouldn't be far behind. 

Man, this is anther toss up. Black is very appropriate for going to a cemetery, but there's something about these stages outfits that make me love them. Sierra's blue dress and cape are beautiful and Emmy's dress is a nice black one. It needs a higher neckline for sure, though. I'm going with the stage version.

Past the point of no return! The final threshold! I love this song with Ramin and Sierra's voices! I was looking up 1905 fashion, and Emmy's dress looks like a nowadays costume. The stage version doesn't look too much like 1905 fashion either, but it comes closer. I'll make this easy. My answer is the stage costume.

Here comes the bride! All dressed in white! Okay okay, Christine's not really getting married to Erik (sadly). Goodness, I love the stage version!!!!!! That's my answer. Emmy's dress is okay, but I love to
wear look at victorianish dresses with the forearm sleeves with the ruffles edges, and the ruffles on the skirt. Beautiful!

So, that's my choices!!!!! As you can see, I love the stage version like 100x better than the movie versions. (I'm so sorry to all the POTO movie fans out there!)

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What Are Your Favorite Costumes??? Post All Your Decisions In The Comments Box!!!

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