Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sippin' Sweet Tea 10-1-13

Hello hello hello!!!! I know this post is far too late, but I'm doing anyways. Even so, I will have another  one October 27 again. Now, I could not do one on time, for Celebrate Musicals Week was going on, and I was participating. I didn't want people getting sidetracked about my life and not focusing on the beautiful musical The Phantom of the Opera, in front of them. So, I did mine a little later.

So, big news first, then little news. Big News: I Got To Go TO A PBR Event In Grand Rapids!!! (Fire works! Cheers! Whoops! Applause!) It was awesome. I went with my awesome dad, and we had to drive two hours there. Well, you see, it took three. We got held up by an hour of traffic. There was a accident, and we actually could put our car in park mode and not move. Therefore it put us an hour behind schedule. We were going to eat at the fabulous Longhorn Steak House, but we didn't know if we were going to be able to, now. BUT, WE DID!!!! We ordered, used the restroom, waited on our food, ate and paid the bill all in 24 minutes. Goodness, we felt like we were on the show "The Amazing Race"!!! Well, we got to the Van Andel Arena at 8:15, and the show started at 8:00 PM. But, then we had to find a parking spot. There were so many people walking on the sidewalks, I felt like I was in a mini New York City!!! We actually didn't miss anything. Everyone in Section One didn't even ride!!!! So, it was okay. These are some photographs I took, forgive me for the blurriness. Some I was in a hurry to watch the riders, or Flint Rasmussen, or I just waited too long.
One of the two trailers that crashed and gave us an hour delay

Flint entertaining the crowd

There are more, but I'm not going to bore everyone to death!!

Okay, (flips notepad to see next subject)
I have a major obsession with old telephones, typewriters and tea sets. My mom, little sisters and I went to a garage sale a while ago and they had the most beautiful old telephones!!!! SSQQUUUUEEEEEEEPPPPPP!! 

Beautiful Candlestick Working Telephone

Beautiful telephone

Awesome old-fashioned pay phone!!!

Annnnnndddd, my favorite, a very old-fashioned
looking telephone!!!!!! 
Now, I didn't get to buy one, because they were very pricy, but I am determined to have an old working telephone in my house!!!! Especially something like this one ↑↑↑!!!! Supposedly they all worked, but you never know. They had duck phones, train phones, candlestick phones!!! So many phones!!!!! 

Another garage sale we went to, I got this (and it only cost $.50!!!) : 

An awesome Paris Eiffel Tower Bank!!!!!
I'm planning to start saving for my senior trip to Paris!!!
I'm calling it my "Pari", you'd have to hear me say it with an awesome accent!!! :) 

Now, Season 5 of the show "The Voice" is back one!! Woot woot!!! Ceelo and Christina Aguilera are back. I kind of still miss Usher and Shakira. I started watching "The Voice" when Usher and Shakira came on in Season 4. So, you know, you kinds get used to them. Blind Auditions are still going on, but I've already selected a few that I'm rooting for. I'll name one. Holly Henry, 19, came on and sang the song "The Scientist" and I was blown away, as were the judges. She got a four chair turn and later chose Blake Shelton as her coach. She had a unique voice that is so soft and pretty. I hope she'll go in for the long run!!!! 

The Amazing Race is also back on, and the teams are okay. I guess ever since Jet and Cord McCoy were on, all the other new seasons and teams were let downs. This season, pretty okay. Teams I'm routing for are: 
1. Leo and Jamal
2. Travis and Nicole
3. Tim and Danny 

Now, I am in severe writer's block with all of my books. So, I'm writing a short children's story. It's called "The Silver Slipper". I took little bits of inspiration from Cinderella and The Sword and the Stone, and boom!! It's going great. You'll have to wait for my next Writings On The White Fence to find out more!!! 

After Celebrate Musicals Week, I got to thinking. I chose The Phantom of the Opera as my musical. And I always make clear my points and views on everything, and I was thinking. What was I was thinking? "Why not take a chance and try to "rewrite" The Phantom of the Opera? Just for fun?" So, I'm asking all of my readers, do you think I should rewrite POTO in my own way? I'll pretty much still stick with the plot line with a few twists here and there. So, tell me your thoughts and what you think of this idea. 

Okay, I think I've covered everything that I wanted to...... These are just a few pictures I've taken to try to capture the beauty that every seems to pass by. That, and things that I think are cute and wonderful! Check them out: 

I love this one. On the road and it looks like Jesus is comin' down!!

Ahh, isn't is gorgeous???

The sun faintly behind the clouds!!! Marvelous!!!

Pretty blah, but still beautiful!!

Clouds over the fields and grass

This looks like a tornado. Sort of. I had to take it quickly before we passed it. 

What a sunset!!!!

The Black-Eyed Susan's in a stone patch that my little sisters made!!!

Okay, now if you've made it this far, I feel truly awful or you that you've had to scroll this far and I feel like you've made a great accomplishment!!! I know this is a super long Sippin' Sweet Tea, but I hope you enjoyed!!! Au Revoir!!!

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