Saturday, May 17, 2014

Attention Please!

Hello everyone! I usually don't post two days in a row, but I felt the need to alert you of something. Some of you may have noticed that I changed my header. If you like it, that is super awesome. But I am still not sure if it will be official. My first header was just for start-up and now, I am looking to make an updated one. So, if you visit my blog and there's a new header up everyday or so, it's probably because I'm fiddling around with new headers and trying to resize it. So, hopefully, you won't think me crazy with having a new header everyday! Which is why I'm alert you. Soon, I might even leave it up to you and have a poll of which one you like better! Who knows? And if you have any ideas, leave a friendly suggestion below. I just might use it (and give credit)! 

So, Just A Little Post Today, But I Thought That I Should Warn You! Leave Feedback And Ideas If You Like!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I REALLY like the one you have up right now! The black and white one. I think it's beautiful. :)


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