Friday, May 16, 2014

Such Nominations!

Well...... Uh, I got another blog nomination. I think it's the same as the other one I did, but I loved the questions that Samantha asked far too much. I just had to do it. WARNING: I will not be tagging anyone! 

1. Favorite Historical Book?
Okay....... Dawn Of A Thousand Nights by Tricia Goyer.

2. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?
Hm. So many favorites..... Lemonade Mouth, Starstruck, Stuck In The Suburbs and the good 'ol ones made a while back. 

3. Favorite Quote?
Ones that come to mind is Sierra Boggess (duh)
"You Are Enough, You Are So Enough, It Is Unbelievable How Enough You Are."
"You Have Nothing To Prove, Only To Share."

4. Pinterest of Facebook?
Pinterest. I don't even have a Facebook. Facebook is a little confusing and outdated, anyways. 

5. Fictional Crush?
*Screams* Erik!!!! Ahem. Or Jehan or Joly. Yeah, that's it. 

6. Hero?
Um, my dad, Jesus (and God), firefighters and soldiers who fight for our country. 

7. What Is Your Fashion Sense?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. Fashion sense? None at all. But I guess I go in phases. A while ago it was that plaid and country. Now, I still like it, but I guess it's just jeans and longer tops. And of course, my trusty scuffed up cowboy boots. No outfit is complete without 'em. 

8. If You Could Go On Any TV Show, What Would It Be?
Yay! Definitely The Amazing Race! I have plans of running it with my dad. ;)

9. Wrie An Acrostic Poem With Your Name Describing Yourself?
Ummmm. Ummm. Okay, here's where honesty comes into play! ;) I'll use my real name for this:

Alert (Ehh)
Not too smart (HAHA)
Not too bright (Truth)
Always moody
Hostile (Total DUH moment :D )

10. Worst Song Ever?
"Friday" by Rebecca Black. It didn't *ruin* my Friday's, but it is indeed quite annoying. 

11. Favorite Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream? 
Uh, Half Baked. 

Okay, that was super fun! Sorry it took so long to get out, but things happen! Thanks for nominating me, Samantha. Au Revoir!

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