Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bonnie And Clyde The Musical Review

Okay. I guess I've always known about Bonnie and Clyde since getting into Broadway. I never really got into it. It was one of the musicals where I was like 'Yeah, I've heard of it, but it doesn't spark my interest that much." Well, just a little bit ago (Like a week or so) I don't know why, but I heard about it again thanks to Broadway.com and I was like 'I somehow remember 'Dyin' Ain't So Bad" I want to hear it again'. So I listened to it and I really liked it. So I looked up more songs and clicked the first one I saw. Which was "This World Will Remember Us", which I LOVED, despite the one curse word in it. And from there, I was hooked. I was disappointed to see that it was taken off of Broadway, but I got to see the full show on YouTube. It was recorded by someone in the audience (THANK YOU!), but yet it was still in pretty good quality. Best part about it, was that I knew who Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes were. I remember seeing Jeremy Jordan on a segment of Disney Channel in Newsies and I saw him as Clyde and I was like 'Oh it's him!'. And, I learned about Laura Osnes (which I first heard was from Cinderella) from a family member. So, I was glad that I knew the main characters, at least. I will be reviewing this honestly, and truthfully with some spoilers just to let you know about certain things before you dive in to watch it and are horrified by what you watch. 

WARNING: Cursing from the musical involved, all bad words are "**" (bleeped) out!

Okay...... The music was brilliant. And I love the plot of it. But I was just a teeny weeny bit disappointed with the way it was acted out. Don't get me wrong! Everyone did a great job, but it was just, kinda, 'eh' for me. The music and the cast made it wonderful. Now, now, I still loved it. Basically, you just need to read the plot. And if you don't know who Bonnie and Clyde are, just look them up. They're robbers and murderers. Actually, people don't really even know if Bonnie ever killed or shot at anyone. Anyways, that should tell a little bit about it. I loved the back flash-scene ("Picture Show") and how it went from young Bonnie and Clyde to older Bonnie and Clyde. And I also loved how on the wooden boards creating the background, how they showed real photographs of their deaths, mugshots, shot-up automobile and such. It was really cool. Did I mention that I absolutely love Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes? No, well I DO!! Ahem. 

Okay, this musical has a lot of cursing in it. For instance, there is a song called "Raise A Little H***" (in which I don't listen to) I usually stay around the songs "Picture Show", "The World Will Remember Me", "The World Will Remember Us", "Dyin' Ain't So Bad", "How 'Bout A Dance" and occasionally "Bonnie". And there were some more curse words like "d***" and "s***". 
This musical is a romance/drama/action/adventure/comedy. The romance part doesn't go beyond serious kissing, though Bonnie is seen in her undergarments for a few minutes, though it is a bit racy. 

Overall, the music was good. The plot is excellent, the execution, probably a 6 out of 10. I think just with a bit of a rewrite, it should get a second chance on Broadway. Though I won't be watching the musical again any time soon, I'll certainly stay with the music. The music is great. For all those people who maybe don't like the way show tunes and musical theatre sound, maybe you should show them this. The music sounds more gospel/rockabilly/bluesy than musical theatre-ish. I don't know; Just a suggestion. 

If it were up to me to rewrite it, I would take out as much cursing as I could (without messing with the songs) and make it a little less racy and romantic. There are ways to make a romance romantic without all the lovey-dovey elements. Anywho, I loved this musical, immensely. I'll admit, I'm a little obsessed with it right now, but I know it's a phase that I will grow out of soon. ;) 

Rating: 7/10
1 point off for the curse words
1 point off for the too romantic parts
1 point off for the execution

Have You Watched Or Listened To Bonnie And Clyde? How Do You Feel About It? Good Or Bad? Fabulous Or "Eh"?

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